How To Choose A Men's Perfume

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How To Choose A Men's Perfume
How To Choose A Men's Perfume
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Choosing a men's perfume is a pleasant, but long and painstaking process. You will need to listen to your own feelings as sensitively as possible and go to the store more than once to find exactly the scent you need.

How to choose a men's perfume
How to choose a men's perfume


Step 1

Determine for what occasions and for what season you choose a perfume: it will be a summer perfume for parties or a winter scent, appropriate for the daytime in the office. These parameters will need to be called by the sales assistant in the perfume shop.

Step 2

Look at ads for men's perfume and read their descriptive description on the Internet. It is quite possible that you will be attracted by the image of the fragrance and you will understand that it was created just for a person like you.

Step 3

It happens that the advertising "flair" created around one of the fragrances does not coincide with its real sound. Therefore, you need to learn more about perfumes: find information about the constituent parts of the composition and determine if you like these scents individually. To get an idea of ​​what a particular ingredient smells like, smell the essential oil of the same name.

Step 4

Having decided on several options for perfume that may interest you, go to a specialty store. Choose salons that have managed to build a good reputation for themselves and are not associated with scandals and rumors of fake products.

Step 5

Try a few selected scents. Apply them to the paper strip first. During one trip to the store, sniff no more than three variants of perfume - after that the perception will dull.

Step 6

Drop your favorite copy on your wrist, but do not rub it. Listen to the smell several times throughout the day. First, 10-15 minutes after application, to hear the top notes. Then after 40 minutes, when the "heart" of the aroma opens. Finally, check out the smell at the end of the day. If you still like it and do not irritate it, you can buy perfume.

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