How To Complete Construction Contract Work

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How To Complete Construction Contract Work
How To Complete Construction Contract Work

Video: How To Complete Construction Contract Work

Video: How To Complete Construction Contract Work
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Construction work is carried out under a work contract, which is signed by both parties, is reimbursable and is subject to strict execution. The execution of the document is governed by Articles No. 763-768 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

How to complete construction contract work
How to complete construction contract work


  • - work agreement;
  • - license.


Step 1

In order to carry out construction contracting work, you must have a state license that allows you to carry out a list of works that you trust. The contract is concluded between the contractor and the construction organization.

Step 2

In the document, indicate who, when, where, with whom, about what, for how long the contract was signed. Enter a point about the beginning and end of construction work, the form, terms and procedure of payment, about the quality and other conditions and requirements for the work.

Step 3

On the basis of the contract, you are obliged to start construction work. The customer must ensure that materials, tools and other inventory are delivered to you on time.

Step 4

You, in turn, are obliged to perform all assigned work in accordance with the requirements of the building regulations, promptly inform the customer if any requirements have arisen.

Step 5

You must hand over all work under the construction contract to the members of the acceptance committee on time. On the basis of the deed of delivery, the contractor undertakes to pay you all amounts due, minus the advance payments made during construction.

Step 6

Advance payments can be paid in advance in the amount of no more than 20-25% of the amount calculated for the completion of all orderly construction work. In the event of a mutual agreement between the construction organization and the customer, the amount of advance payments may be significantly increased, but most often the customer does not agree to such conditions, since in case of untimely or poor-quality work, he has the right to collect a penalty from the construction organization.

Step 7

If, within 12 months from the date of putting the object into operation, a defect or deficiencies are found, you are obliged to eliminate all problems at the request of the customer at no charge.

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