What Is Battle?

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What Is Battle?
What Is Battle?

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Battle is a battle, a competition between dancers or rappers. The goal of the battle is to show your superiority over your opponent. Especially effective are battles that are held in public places in front of the public, as a means of raising your own rating.

Rap Battle
Rap Battle

Battle is a familiar phenomenon for followers of hip-hop culture. In the battle to identify the best, dancers often get involved, who also call themselves b-boys and bigels, but verbal battles between rappers also take place. The latter are at times tougher than the fights of the dancers. In battles, rap performers shine not only with their technique and complex rhymes, but also with all kinds of rudeness towards their opponents.

Breakdancing battles

Team and solo battles take place on the dance floor. Team battles are considered to be many times more difficult, but such fights are much more interesting for witnesses of the battle. After all, the teams of b-boys and bigels, who decided to engage in a fight with the enemy, are clearly not the first time on the floor. They practice dance movements for months and even years, and moments with synchronized movements are completely impressive, you cannot learn how to do such in a couple of classes.

In single battles, dancers strive to give the opponent the rhythm and, which is important, the uniqueness of the dance movements. The basic set of breakdancing movements is constant, but it is a talent to correctly link individual movements into a dance. And especially in price the bundles are unique, because if in the dancer's bundle one of the witnesses of the battle saw an attempt to copy someone from the famous b-boys, the dancer is awarded the title of "byter". Not the most flattering title, because this is how dancers are called, who are not capable of anything except memorizing other people's movements.

Battles among rappers

Verbal battles are no less interesting action than bboy competitions. Battles among rap artists happen both on stage and in the vastness of the global network, and even in text format.

Literally a dozen years ago, battles on the Internet were at the peak of popularity. Thousands of rappers from all over the world recorded tracks on the tracks set by the organizers of the battle and threw them into the network, waiting with trepidation for the verdict of the judges. Many winners of especially promoted battles are now popular throughout the post-Soviet space and have hundreds of thousands of fans.

Online battles have been replaced by real battles. Today the classic battle format is a meeting of two performers in a club, where they, without musical accompaniment, read out tracks addressed to an opponent. The winner, again, is chosen by the judges.

Also, battles are held among representatives of other branches of urban culture, such as DJs, beatmakers and beatboxers. This is a rare phenomenon, and the principle of such battles is the same as in battles between rap performers.

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