How To Choose A Perfume

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How To Choose A Perfume
How To Choose A Perfume

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Perfumery for women is a kind of identification number that gives it individuality and uniqueness. It is the right choice of perfumery products that will give you the opportunity to feel at your best.

How to choose a perfume
How to choose a perfume


Step 1

Every year more and more perfumes are produced, and the more difficult it is to choose something more or less suitable for your character, mood, disposition, season and lifestyle. It is worthwhile to first figure out what types of perfumes exist.

Step 2

Perfume is the most persistent, strong and at the same time the most expensive perfumery product. Just a few drops on your wrist are enough to feel the fragrance all day long. The perfume has a deep, multifaceted and long-lasting scent.

Step 3

Eau de parfum has both pros and cons. Unambiguously convenient form of release: as a rule, they are produced in the form of a spray. Excellent value for money, while toilet perfumes contain a fairly high percentage of perfume composition, which practically does not distinguish them in smell and depth from real perfumes, but they are less persistent.

Step 4

Eau de toilette is a perfume for every day. She is available to a woman with almost any income. Eau de toilette pleases with a wide assortment and various packaging: you can find bottles of 30, 50, 75 and 100 ml, which is very practical and convenient. However, it is very fragile, so it is best to carry a small bottle with you to refresh the fragrance periodically.

Step 5

Having decided on the type of perfumery products, you need to choose the appropriate aroma for each specific case.

Step 6

There are daytime and evening fragrances. For every day, you can use eau de toilette with a light and unobtrusive aroma. Light floral and citrus aromas, as well as marine motifs, are suitable for this purpose. For a party, a trip to the theater, a romantic dinner, perfumery with a spicy heart note is suitable.

Step 7

The choice of scent also depends on the season. For example, in summer it is better to scent with light, fresh, calm aromas, because in hot weather the smell increases several times. In winter, it is better to use spicy warm shades. They warm the soul, the mood rises, and inside it becomes much more comfortable.

Step 8

There are also different classifications of perfume, related to your character or other criteria, with which you can choose a fragrance that is intended exclusively for you. So, there are different types of women: Spring, Autumn, Winter, Summer. However, you should not firmly follow such recommendations. Buy perfumes to suit your mood, and then the perfume or eau de toilette will delight you with pleasant emotions throughout the day.

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