Which Sites Can Track The Parcel From China

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Which Sites Can Track The Parcel From China
Which Sites Can Track The Parcel From China

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Online shopping in China is a great opportunity to purchase various goods at fairly low prices. However, lovers of overseas Internet shopping sometimes have to wait months for ordered items sent by mail or courier service.

Parcels in stock
Parcels in stock

A parcel from China can reach the Russian recipient in 4-5 weeks, and in some cases it can be delayed for a couple of months. There are times when parcels arrive a week in advance, but more often the shipment is delayed, forcing the recipient to worry about their integrity and safety. If your order is sent as a registered postal item, at each stage of shipment, its identifier (track number) will be entered into the database, so that the movement of the purchase can be tracked via the Internet.

Parcel tracking services

Recently, you can track international shipments on the Russian Post website. The service allows you to check any registered EMS items, including Chinese ones. The tracking number for tracking EMS shipments begins with a capital Latin letter E. To check the status of the parcel, the tracking number without spaces is entered into the "Postal identifier" field. The system also requires you to enter a verification code confirming that you are not a robot. After that, you will receive information about where your package is.

China Post is the national postal service of China. The EMS website has a tracking service for parcels sent via China Post. In the field where it says "Please enter tracking number", the tracking number is entered. The "Verification Code" field contains the six-digit code shown at the top of the page. After entering this data, you will receive information about the parcel.

You can find out where your parcel is at the moment on the websites of universal services that allow you to track shipments from any country. For example, "WherePackage" allows you to track mail items from the United States and China. This service also has a mobile version, as well as the ability to inform the recipient about the change in the status of the parcel by e-mail and using SMS messages. To check where your package is, you only need to enter the track number in the corresponding field.

An equally functional service for tracking parcels is Post-Tracker. By registering on the site, you get the opportunity to automatically check the tracking number several times a day. Check results can be received by E-Mail and SMS. To track parcels, enter your tracking number in the "Track code" field. Also, the site requires a verification code to confirm that you are not a robot. After that, you will be provided with information about where the parcel is now.

Parcel statuses

When a shipment from China is delivered to Russia, this does not mean that in a few days it will be in your post office or in the hands of a courier. The package will go to customs first. When, when verifying the track number, the status "Transferred to customs" appears, it means that only after customs control your order will be sent to the point of international postal exchange. It is then transferred to the sorting center. And only after that - to your post office. This chain can last 1-2 weeks or longer.

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