How To Cancel An Auction

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How To Cancel An Auction
How To Cancel An Auction

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If you haven't bought anything from an online auction yet, then new market trends have passed you by. The most popular today is the eBay auction, which, in addition to the Americans, conquered consumers in many European countries, including Russians and Ukrainians. If you often have to buy items through eBay, then you will definitely run into a problem when you need to cancel your bid on an item. If you make a mistake with your bet, you will spend more money than you bargained for.

How to cancel an auction
How to cancel an auction


Step 1

According to the established rules, you can refuse a bet if it was preceded by a valid reason. For example, it is considered a good cause if you entered the wrong amount because you made a punctuation error. So, you could have bet $ 29.9 instead of $ 2.99. In such a case, you must enter the announced amount after canceling the problem bet. Be careful, because the system will not allow you to change the rate, for example, from $ 29.9 to $ 1.88, because the decrease in the amount does not fall into the category of punctuation errors.

Step 2

The right to cancel the auction bid gives you the fact that the description of the item on which you have bid has changed. But changes must be made after your final bid takes effect. The manager could, for example, disclose some details of the condition of the goods.

Step 3

If you need to cancel your bid, please check the end date of the auction. It is possible that there are 12 or more hours left until the end of the auction, then you can cancel your bid. Your previous bids for this item will be automatically canceled. In the next case, if there are less than 12 hours left before the end of the auction, then you are allowed to cancel only your highest bid. Time manipulation is not possible, if you made a bet 12 or less hours before the end of the auction, then you lose the right to withdraw it.

Step 4

Fill out a consumer purchase disclaimer form. It is also called in the original Bid Retraction Form. You are also allowed to withdraw your best offer via the Best Offer Cancellation Form.

Step 5

Show your communication skills and contact the seller. Submit your request via support or PM. There are times when sellers allow you to opt out of a bid.

Step 6

You have a legitimate option to refuse your bid if the lot you have selected is included in the Non-Binding Bid Policy category, if the sale of goods is prohibited according to some clauses of the eBay user agreement, and if the current legislation pursues its distribution.

Step 7

Remember, if you failed to apply any of the above tips, then you must pay for the goods if you won the auction.

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