How To Refill A Print With Ink

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How To Refill A Print With Ink
How To Refill A Print With Ink
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Optimization of the process of working with documents is impossible without the use of seals and stamps, which reduce their processing time. The spring-loaded mechanism of automatic printing, placed in a plastic case, allows you to make a large number of prints, the quality of which depends on the timely and high-quality filling of the print with new ink.

How to refill a print with ink
How to refill a print with ink


Step 1

Press down on the base of the rig with your thumb. Raise it so that the hole for the stamp pad is flush with the handle. Press down with the index finger of your other hand to remove the stamp pad. Apply a few drops of ink to the center and edges of the pillow. Do not overdo it: if you add a lot of ink, the print will be blurry.

Step 2

Remove excess ink with a paper towel. Insert the stamp pad into the rig, aligning the bottom of its handle with the top of the stamp hole. Wait 15 minutes before using the print for the ink to be absorbed over the entire area of ​​the stamp pad.

Step 3

Refill flash seals using a dedicated knife. After removing the retaining ring from the print rig, insert the knife into the hole located on the outside of the print and disassemble it. To renew the ink of one-color printing, apply the ink with a special syringe in an even layer of 1 millimeter on the back of the cliche installed on the shock-absorbing pad.

Step 4

Repeat the filling procedure 2 more times, waiting for the first portion of the paint to be absorbed. After 30 minutes, remove excess paint that has not been absorbed by blotting the cliché with a napkin. Assemble the seal by installing the cushion pad, cliché and anchoring ring in sequence. Refill the multicolor flash printing cliche only from the front side. Use a separate syringe for each paint. Carefully apply an even coat of paint to each color section of the cliché to avoid color mixing.

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