How To Design A Flag

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How To Design A Flag
How To Design A Flag

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The flag, emblem and motto are an integral part of the team, even if it is just a group of fifth graders participating in the school quiz. All elements of the merchandise should be expressed in a certain color scheme and reflect the main tasks set by the team.

How to design a flag
How to design a flag


Step 1

Choose the shape of the future flag. It doesn't have to be regular rectangular. You can come up with a triangular flag or cut a part in the rectangle where the fabric is not attached to the pole. The form of the panel should be such that the color scheme and semantic load of the flag correspond to them.

Step 2

Use shades in the design that are meaningful to the team. Remember the flags of football fans - they are painted in the colors of the teams, and this is very strictly enforced. For example, Spartak fans have red and white flags, CSKA fans have red and blue flags.

Step 3

Do not use more than three shades when painting the main canvas, it will turn out to be too variegated. Also choose contrasting colors to make the flag stand out. Using, for example, lemon and gold colors will make the flag appear unevenly colored. Don't make areas of the same color small or complex geometric shapes. Better to apply colors to the flag in the form of stripes, squares or rhombuses.

Step 4

Use the command symbol. If the team is participating in a sporting event, come up with an animal that will become your mascot. Such an animal must have speed qualities, be strong or dexterous. For a team participating in an intellectual game, it is better to choose a sentient beast or bird. Draw such an animal in the center of the flag. You can choose inanimate objects or flowers as a symbol.

Step 5

Write the team motto on the flag. It does not have to cover the entire area of ​​the flag, it is enough to add it at the bottom or on the side. For the lettering, choose a beautiful font with clearly legible letters. Decorate the stitching with a bright color so that the motto can be seen from afar. If the colors of the flag are dominated by bright and dark shades, use gold or white for the letters.

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