How Women Become Men

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How Women Become Men
How Women Become Men

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The problem of gender identity is quite common these days. If earlier it was not customary to talk about such things, now gender orientation disorder refers to medical problems and is treated with hormone therapy.

How women become men
How women become men

Dressing up in men's clothing

Dressing in clothing that is characteristic of the opposite sex may be the first sign of gender disorder. However, this is not an absolute indication. Men's clothing is worn by drag queen actresses performing in theater and shows. Also, the male style prevails in the guise of active lesbians. However, if, together with the wardrobe, a woman changes her behavior in favor of a more rude one, speaks of herself in the masculine gender and discovers male habits, here we can already talk about a disorder of gender behavior.

In Russia, transsexualism is a medical pathology if it is persistent and is not a sign of other mental illness.

Taking male hormones

The next stage of transformation into a man is hormone therapy. She is prescribed by a doctor only after several examinations. The patient must undergo a psychiatric and psychological examination, to prove that her decision to become a man is balanced and deliberate, that she does not have mental illness, and that living in a woman's body causes considerable discomfort. After the interviews are completed, the patient must be tested. Hormone therapy has some risks - blood clotting may decrease, liver and lung function may be impaired, and chronic diseases may worsen. The doctor prescribes the required dose of hormones, which is adjusted every few months. Also, the patient must take regular tests. With hormone therapy, the process of masculinization - transformation into a man - is rather slow and gradual. Secondary sexual characteristics disappear, the voice changes, the amount of hairline increases, facial features become coarser. Taking hormones has to be repeated throughout life.

Some transsexuals who underwent surgery later regretted their step. Therefore, before making an irreversible decision, you must very carefully weigh your desire.

Sex reassignment surgery

The last stage of masculinization is sex reassignment surgery. Not all transsexuals decide on it, since it is quite heavy and expensive. Many women who want to become men are satisfied with just hormone therapy. Before the operation, the patient must also undergo several examinations and interviews, the most important of which is psychiatric. Only after positive results will the willing patient be allowed to undergo surgery. The procedure itself is quite complicated - the genitals are completely changed and a course of substitution therapy is carried out. The operation requires long-term restoration of immunity and endocrine glands. The psychological aspect also takes a special place - a person needs time to get used to a new body and begin to realize himself in a different capacity.

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