How To Cancel An Ebay Deal

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How To Cancel An Ebay Deal
How To Cancel An Ebay Deal

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An ebay deal can be canceled until the item is complete and the money has been transferred to the seller. It is better to cancel the cancellation within 12-24 hours after payment, then the process can be faster.

How to cancel an ebay deal
How to cancel an ebay deal

It is necessary

  • - registration on ebay;
  • - PayPal account;
  • - basic knowledge of the English language.


Step 1

When you made a deal, you automatically reserved the amount required to pay for the goods. Therefore, the first thing to do is to return the money back to your account. To do this, ask the seller to refund your transaction.

Step 2

Now wait a while. A message will be sent to your account about the implementation of the refund. After confirmation, log into PayPal with your name and password in order to check the progress of your transaction. If everything is done correctly, then it should be refunded opposite it. The money should be returned to your account within 3-10 business days. Sometimes a refund is made up to 30 days (depending on the bank).

Step 3

After the transaction is completed, a request to cancel the transaction will be sent to your ebay account. But there are various situations, and it happens that the system does not send a message. In this case, with a request to send you a request, please contact the seller directly, because this point is also in the sphere of his interests (official refund of duty).

Step 4

Open the received request message. To confirm receipt, use a single button. You will automatically be taken to the next page. You will see two points on it. The upper one calls for accepting the cancellation of the transaction, and the lower one invites you to refuse cancellation and make a purchase. Select the top item.

Step 5

If done correctly, you will no longer receive reminders for an unpaid item. If you carry out a refund operation without a request from the seller, you will "hang" the debt for the lot, and the seller will not be able to return the duties. By making a request, your refusal is considered official.

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