Who Changes Sex More Often - Men Or Women

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Who Changes Sex More Often - Men Or Women
Who Changes Sex More Often - Men Or Women

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Today, more and more people turn to doctors with a request to change their sex. Such operations are carried out in many countries, most of all specialists in Germany and Iran. But such transformations are not shown to everyone, and a lot of research is carried out before the operation.

Who changes sex more often - men or women
Who changes sex more often - men or women

Gender reassignment is not a game, but a real change that is irreversible. Usually people who have serious disorders decide to take such a step. Transsexuality can be called a deviation, its nature is not completely clear, something is passed on from past generations, something is formed in the process of education. To carry out the operation, you need a psychiatrist's conclusion, who must be followed up for at least two years.

Features of the procedure

More often it is men who apply for a sex change. Operations to transform into a woman are several times easier and cheaper than creating a man from a woman. But it's not about the price, but about the spiritual need. According to statistics, the stronger sex is increasingly abandoning natural data in favor of other qualities. Only the operation will allow you to fully realize yourself in society. The weaker sex can perform all the functions of a man without any special transformations. It is much easier to change clothes and choose a special kind of employment. Of course, difficulties arise with the documents, but this is not so scary.

Before any operation, the client turns to a sex therapist. Personality monitoring occurs within 12-24 months. It is important to know for sure that a person has a gender violation, but there are no other deviations. After all, transformation will not solve a person's problems, but will only add the need for adaptation, and it is important that later there is no suicide, so that there is enough strength to adapt.

Hormone therapy is started a year before the operation. At the same time, the person himself changes into a different sex, begins to live in a new guise. These procedures are still recurrent, although the voice and body structure are already changing. During these months it will be clear whether a person is really ready to become different. Only after this check is the operation assigned. Usually it is necessary to carry out more than one surgical intervention, but several. And after that, you will have to drink special drugs to maintain hormone levels for life.

Why do people want to change sex

There are no clear reasons for the occurrence of a gender violation. You can't blame your parents or anyone else for this. The formation of the floor is completed by the age of 5, and then it is very difficult to correct it. Of course, the presence of examples of gender reassignment is not useful for babies, it can negatively affect the psyche, but this is not the main factor.

Usually, from childhood, a person understands that he was born in the wrong body. He chooses other toys, other things, does not want to do what is prescribed for his biological sex. This may be a temporary phenomenon, which is why operations are performed only by adults, and may be permanent. There are many ways out of this situation, you can live the life of a man or a woman, but at the same time not go for an operation, there are many such examples. But transformation helps to feel better, gives hope for greater realization in society.

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