"Hunting" For Men In Feng Shui

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"Hunting" For Men In Feng Shui
"Hunting" For Men In Feng Shui

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Love is one of the most important spheres of human life. If there is not enough beloved man next to you, listen to the advice of Feng Shui teachings, which will help you to conduct a successful "hunt" and find your happiness.

"Hunting" for men in Feng Shui
"Hunting" for men in Feng Shui

Draw love into your life

In order to attract romance into your life, create a special atmosphere of love in your home. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the southwestern sector of the dwelling is responsible for love and marriage. It is there that talismans that attract love should be placed - paired images or figurines of ducks, fish, doves, swans.

One of the most powerful talismans of love are peonies. You can put bouquets of these flowers at home or use their images, but it is desirable that the peonies are red. Just remember one subtlety - after finding a loved one, peonies should be removed, because this talisman can make your relationship very bright, but short-lived.

Create a collage of desires and place it in the southwest sector. Collage can be drawn, executed as an applique or created in a graphics editor. In the center of the collage, place a photo of a man: a real one, if you have a candidate, or just an image of a handsome representative of the stronger sex. On the back of the photo, write the desired character traits of the chosen one, and around him stick images of what you want to find in this relationship - a house, children, etc. Try to foresee all the factors that are important to you, otherwise the wrong person will enter your life.

How to impress a man you like

The first date is a very important moment in the "hunt" for a beloved man. Feng Shui recommends that women focus on the animal, under the auspices of which the man you like is. The western group includes people born in the year of the Rat, Dragon and Monkey, the southern group includes the Bull, Snake and Rooster, the eastern group includes the Tiger, Horse and Dog, and the northern group includes the Rabbit, Goat and Pig.

Westerners love to travel and discover new things. Invite your chosen one to take a trip to a nearby town or visit a newly opened cafe. Men from this group are very fond of white - keep this in mind when choosing an outfit.

The chosen one from the southern group will certainly not give up on a high-speed trip by car, gatherings around the fire or fireplace. These men gravitate towards everything red, spicy and hot.

Men from the eastern group love walks in the park, forest, garden. In such places, they easily tune in to a romantic mood and new sensations, give free rein to emotions. The favorite color of your chosen one is green.

The best time to meet with a member of the northern group is by the water - go to the beach or take a boat ride on the pond. Men of this sign are very fond of surprises and gifts, as well as blue and black.

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