What Can You Say About A Person Looking At His Hands

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What Can You Say About A Person Looking At His Hands
What Can You Say About A Person Looking At His Hands

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By the appearance of a person's hands, conclusions can be drawn about his character and state of health. Information will be given by analysis of the shape and length of fingers, the shape of nails, skin color and other indicators.

What can you say about a person looking at his hands
What can you say about a person looking at his hands

Palm as a whole

Short-fingered square palm - practical focus. He is a realist and conservative with excellent organizational skills, he likes to control everything. Square palm with long fingers - intellectual focus. Such a person is rational, mobile and open to new things.

A long palm with short fingers is a sign of developed intuition. A person is active and energetic, interested in new things, loves attention. Long palm with long fingers - sensitivity. This person's mood easily changes, he is very burdened by pressure and stressful situations.

In general, long fingers speak of an analytical mindset and resilience to influence. Such a person is not inclined to impulsive actions, his decisions are weighed. Short fingers - susceptibility to emotions and impulsivity. If the fingers are too short, narrow thinking is inherent in the person. If they are too long, he is fearful and uncollected.

The closer the fingers are to each other, the more stingy and categorical a person is. The further, the more the person is open and generous. Moving fingers indicate mobility of the mind, poorly developed and inflexible fingers indicate slowness. Decisiveness is indicated by the index and ring fingers and the little finger, "looking" towards the middle finger. If they "look" from him, the person does not know how to set goals and achieve them.

About fingers and nails

The thumb is will and reason. Long - energy and purposefulness, short - passivity and timidity. Short and thin - yielding to influence, weakness, indecision. Too big is arrogance. Flattened on top - anger. If the upper joint is longer than the lower one - despotism.

Short index finger - fear of responsibility, self-doubt, lack of independence. Long - entrepreneurial spirit, ambition, leadership qualities. Almost equal to the average - intolerance of opinions and arrogance. Short middle finger - emotionality, spontaneity. Long - seriousness and self-absorption. Too long is melancholy.

Long ring finger - optimism, excitement, passion. The short one is caution. Long pinky - charisma, independence, influence. Short - sharpness, a tendency to rash decisions. Assess the phalanges of the fingers. A narrow nail phalanx is intuition, a wide one is materialism. The more pronounced the middle phalanx, the more practical the person, the lower one speaks of the importance of material wealth.

Rectangular nails - responsibility, energy, optimism. Trapezoidal - self-confidence, thirst for recognition, categorical. Square - poise, prudence, independence. Round - kindness, sentimentality, weak character. Fan-shaped - activity, wit, a heightened sense of justice.

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