How To Choose A Stun Gun

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How To Choose A Stun Gun
How To Choose A Stun Gun

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The stun gun is the best choice for self-defense. His undoubted merit is that he is not capable of causing injury incompatible with life. This avoids many of the troubles associated with various accidents.

You need to choose a stun gun according to its power class
You need to choose a stun gun according to its power class


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Anyone who has decided to acquire a stun gun should know that the effectiveness of the defeat with this weapon directly depends on the strength of the current. This device is capable of having a significant effect on the enemy: first, the enemy will receive a painful shock; secondly, convulsions will occur in his muscles, which will lead to their temporary paralysis; thirdly, the enemy will inevitably lose orientation in space, and his reaction will become inhibited.

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When choosing a stun gun, first of all, you need to pay attention to its class. There are three of them, and they all differ in power. Models belonging to the third class are the most harmless. These stun guns are most suitable for those who do not have skills in solving street conflicts: they are not capable of causing any injury, which will not entail unpleasant consequences. At the same time, Class 3 models are a very serious weapon that can give confidence and scare the enemy. Therefore, these stun guns are most suitable for teenagers.

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Class 2 weapons are more powerful. With its help, you can significantly stun the enemy and stop his attack. Using a stun gun of this power will make it possible to retreat in time. These models are classified as the most popular. They are recommended for use not only for men, but also for women.

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The most effective models belong to the 1st class. They are able to immobilize the enemy for a short time or "turn off" his consciousness. This is a very serious weapon, therefore, it is recommended to acquire it for those who have the proper endurance and will not panic from the effect produced by the stun gun.

Step 5

You should be aware that not all manufacturers of these weapons, when producing them, comply with the norms of the law, which say: the power of the stun gun should not exceed 3 W, and for paramilitary structures - 10 W. However, it is difficult for the civilian population to adhere to these restrictions in the production of electrocution devices. For this reason, when using low-quality stun guns, very unpleasant surprises can arise.

Step 6

It is recommended to purchase devices only from trusted manufacturers. These include OOO Tander, ZAO Oberon, NPO Special Materials. The products of these companies are guaranteed to meet the declared characteristics. When buying a device, be sure to ask if there is a quality certificate for it, and read it carefully.

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