How To Learn The Art Of Hypnosis

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How To Learn The Art Of Hypnosis
How To Learn The Art Of Hypnosis

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The art of hypnosis has existed since antiquity. In our time, it does not lose its popularity, because thanks to hypnosis, you can correct thinking, force other people to perform certain actions, etc.

How to learn the art of hypnosis
How to learn the art of hypnosis


Step 1

In no case do not start practice until you have learned the theory. Now there are many different books on hypnosis, thanks to which you can master the subtleties of this art. It is not necessary to attend specialized courses at all: they are often aimed at raising money, rather than conveying useful information. Read books and write down the most important points in a notebook.

Step 2

Try a few simple exercises. Make sure no one distracts you. Sit so that you are as comfortable as possible, relax, calm down, concentrate. Look at your still hand and start convincing yourself that your hand is getting heavier. Keep thinking about it until you feel like your hand is really heavy. Repeat the exercise with the other hand. Hypnosis does not always involve the introduction of a trance, so this kind of suggestion also applies to this art.

Step 3

Try to instill your will in another person. To do this, you do not need to plunge him into a trance: just convince him of something, make him execute your order. First you can practice on friends, and then on strangers. It is this skill of instilling that some fraudsters develop in themselves, forcing people to do things that are uncharacteristic for them and even give strangers their personal belongings and money.

Step 4

Move on to more challenging exercises. Lie down, relax and concentrate on your thoughts. Imagine that you are walking down a hallway with many doors. Try to draw as clearly as possible in your imagination all the details of the corridor. Then go to any door and open it. Consider the room, concentrate on it. After mastering this exercise, you can imagine that there is a person behind the door whom you have not seen for a long time, or some piece of your past.

Step 5

When you are more experienced and confident enough, try going into a trance. At the same time, there must be someone with you who can wake you up if something goes wrong.

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