How To Choose A Benzotrimmer

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How To Choose A Benzotrimmer
How To Choose A Benzotrimmer

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The petrol trimmer is an indispensable item for the maintenance of hard-to-reach areas that the lawnmower cannot handle. The advantages of the benzotrimmer are its autonomy and versatility. So what characteristics of this unit do you need to focus on in order to choose a quality device?

How to choose a benzotrimmer
How to choose a benzotrimmer

Internal characteristics

Most often, petrol trimmers work on two-stroke gasoline internal combustion engines that require gasoline mixed with mineral or synthetic oil to operate. Two-stroke engines need the correct ratio of gasoline and oil proportions, so it is important to carefully study the instructions for your gas trimmer model before use. More convenient and quieter models are trimmers with four-stroke engines, in which gasoline and oil are poured into separate containers, mixing inside the unit.

The internal combustion engine is located at the top of absolutely all petrol trim tabs.

For areas with rough vegetation, you need to choose a powerful gasoline trimmer, the power of which will allow you to use it as a delimber, cultivator and even a snow blower. There are two types of drive that rotate the cutting element of the petrol trimmer - a steel cable and a straight shaft with a gearbox. It is advisable to choose a unit with a straight shaft, since it is more reliable than a cable in terms of mechanical strength.

External characteristics

Since the benzotrimmer needs to be operated for quite a long time, a lighter unit should be preferred. It should be remembered that after filling the fuel tank, the trimmer weight will increase by 0.5-1.5 kilograms. For the convenience of work, it is advisable to choose a unit with a T-shaped handle, which allows you to hold the trimmer with both hands when mowing grass in large open areas. The D-handle is ideal for mowing grass and cutting trees / shrubs. For mowing tall grassy areas, it is best to choose a machine with a J-handle.

It is very important to choose a petrol trimmer, which comes with a shoulder strap, which facilitates the load on the hands during the operation of the unit.

Also, when choosing a benzotrimmer, you need to give preference to models with additional nozzles produced by the same company as the unit itself - they will allow the trimmer to perform many other functions for improving the territory. And the last important characteristic - if the petrol trimmer will be used for processing a suburban area, it is important to check whether it can be disassembled. This is necessary so that it can be placed in the trunk of a car and easily transported to its destination.

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