Why Does A Man Need Tears

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Why Does A Man Need Tears
Why Does A Man Need Tears

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Tears roll from a person's eyes when he is upset, touched by something, or excited by unexpected happiness. But in fact, tear fluid is produced constantly, even in a calm state, and it has important functions.

Why does a man need tears
Why does a man need tears

Functions of tears in the body

Tears are secreted by the lacrimal glands located in the depression of the frontal bone under the upper outer edge of the orbit.

The lacrimal gland in a calm state per day secretes up to 1 ml of tear fluid, and with its mechanical irritation - up to 10 ml. The tear first falls from the gland under the lower eyelid, and when blinking it is distributed over the entire surface of the eye, washing away the specks. Then it flows down to the inner corner of the eye, collecting in the so-called lacrimal lake. Further, the lacrimal fluid enters the lacrimal sac and into the nasal concha through the nasolacrimal canals, where it moisturizes the nasal mucosa. Excess tear fluid evaporates. Thus, moisturizing the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose is an important function of tears.

The chemical composition of tears is similar to the composition of blood, it also changes depending on the state of the body and carries a lot of information. The lacrimal fluid is slightly alkaline and consists mainly of water. Thanks to the fatty film of oleamide lipid, tears can glide over the surface of the skin without lingering on it. Tears contain lysozyme, which disinfects the eyes due to its ability to destroy viruses and microbes. The second important function of tears is antibacterial.

When a person cries because of some negative emotions, shocks, stress hormones, hormones leucine-enkephalin and prolactin come out with tears. And when they cry with happiness, it softens the action of adrenaline, protecting the body from overexcitation. For a similar reason, tears come out with uncontrollable laughter. Tears also help the body to rid itself of salts.

The amount of tear fluid produced may decrease with certain medications or when the lacrimal sac becomes inflamed. Thus, the ability to cry is not only a way to express your emotions, but also an indicator of health.

Tears from a psychological point of view

Tears sometimes serve to interact with people. So, the tears of the baby tell the parents that he needs something. They also allow adults to gain empathy from those around them, although usually people are ashamed to give vent to feelings in front of someone.

Crying and tears help to cope with emotional stress, to get relief. People who, for some reason, cannot cry, have fewer opportunities to restore their nervous system, relieve stress.

Thus, tears have certain benefits, but strong, uncontrollable sobs can, on the contrary, cause a breakdown, fatigue, depression and emptiness.

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