Silver Spoon - Souvenir Or Tableware?

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Silver Spoon - Souvenir Or Tableware?
Silver Spoon - Souvenir Or Tableware?
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A spoon in the form familiar to modern man appeared in ancient times. The first spoons were made from animal horns and wood. Over time, they began to be made from a variety of metals.

Silver spoon - souvenir or tableware?
Silver spoon - souvenir or tableware?

Silver spoons in history

For the first time in Europe, silver spoons were mentioned in 1259. These devices were used by representatives of the nobility and the king himself. For example, among the personal belongings of King Edward the First, spoons made of silver and gold were mentioned.

During the Renaissance, apostolic spoons spread, their cuttings were decorated with images of the apostles, disciples of Jesus Christ. These spoons were a welcome gift for a variety of Christian holidays. These spoons were often made from inexpensive metals and then silver plated.

In Russia, silver spoons appeared in 988, they were ordered for his squad by Vladimir Krasnoe Solnyshko. Nestor mentioned this in the Tale of Bygone Years, arguing that the prince's squad was unhappy with the fact that they had to use wooden spoons. The prince ordered that spoons be made for them from silver metal so that the soldiers would treat him well.

However, silver devices entered everyday life during the time of Peter the Great. Further Europeanization of Russia led to the fact that by the end of the eighteenth century, silver spoons could be found in the houses of ordinary townspeople, and not only at the court.

Spoons were considered very valuable items. They were carried with them in special cases. There are many sayings and proverbs dedicated to spoons. Silver spoons cost a lot and were often passed down from generation to generation.

A small silver spoon placed in a container of water ionizes and purifies it.

The benefits of cutlery

Today silverware remains a good gift for a significant celebration. Traditionally, silver spoons are given for weddings. After all, all the gifts on such a day should delight the newlyweds and accompany them throughout their life together. That is why silverware (and spoons) are an excellent gift, because they are not only beautiful, but also useful, since they have disinfecting properties.

Modern science recognizes silver as a universal antibiotic. It has been proven that the bactericidal properties of this metal are five times higher than that of bleach and ordinary chlorine. Silver, for example, disinfects microorganisms that cause intestinal infections. Therefore, silverware can become more than an ordinary souvenir.

Small silver spoons are nowadays often hung on long chains and worn as unusual jewelry.

It has long been a tradition in Russia to give babies silver spoons "for their first teeth" (sometimes for their first birthday). This is due to the fact that the appearance of the first tooth roughly corresponds to the time when it is time to start complementary foods. Up to this point, breast milk is the only food for the baby. And with the beginning of complementary feeding, he can get harmful bacteria, which must somehow be dealt with. That is why he is presented with a silver spoon as an additional way of protection.

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