The Most Important Thing In Meditation For Women

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The Most Important Thing In Meditation For Women
The Most Important Thing In Meditation For Women
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Stress is a real problem in modern society. Many women live in a state of constant stress and depression. Various practices, including meditation, help to get rid of them.

Basic principles of meditation

Meditations for women have their own characteristics, their meaning is to get rid of unnecessary thoughts, release energy and put in order the nervous system. Women who regularly engage in meditation, as soon as possible, strengthen the immune system, the nervous system, and get rid of depression. Meditation normalizes blood pressure and heart rate, promotes complete muscle relaxation, and significantly increases levels of endorphin, which is considered the hormone of happiness.

In meditation, it is very important for women to fully concentrate on the process. It is best to practice all alone meditation, even fifteen minutes will be very beneficial, so try to carve them out of your schedule. If you have a small child, do not meditate right after you put him to bed. During this time, you are usually too focused on whether or not he is asleep. Keep in mind that for the same reason, it is better to redo the household chores that are busy with your head before meditation.

Play background music before starting your meditation. You can find special compilations for meditation on sale, or you can use any calm music you like without vocals. Create a cozy atmosphere in the room in which you are going to meditate - dim the lights, light an aromatic lamp or incense. Think about what you want to meditate on - success, love, health, and other good things.

How exactly do you meditate?

Sit down or lie down on the floor (the latter option will work for you if your back hurts, but in this case, find some point on the ceiling and focus on it), you should not take the lotus position, it is better to just cross your legs. Light a candle, place it in front of you, and focus on the fire. Try to clear your mind of extraneous thoughts. Sit in this state for at least fifteen minutes. Unaccustomed, it may seem like a very long process, practice meditation daily, slowly increasing its duration.

Women are prone to bouts of self-flagellation and guilt, because of this they often "fall" into depression. Therefore, at first, it is advisable to meditate on achieving inner peace. During meditation, try to say out loud or to yourself the phrase “I sincerely forgive myself. The time has come for prosperity, peace and love. " It is very important to say these words when you are internally ready for this, they must come from within.

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