How To Make A Map Of The Area

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How To Make A Map Of The Area
How To Make A Map Of The Area

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If you live on the outskirts of a city or in a village, then most likely it will be very difficult to get a map of the area for the same GPS navigator. But fortunately, special programs have already been developed that allow you to make a map of the area of ​​various kinds of complexity: relief, indicating villages and intersections, roads and other elements of modern maps.

How to make a map of the area
How to make a map of the area


Compass, camera, computer, specialized software for creating maps


Step 1

The quality of the map and its scale depends not only on the author's experience, but also on the quality of the photographs taken, if the program uses a photograph as a source. Most often, maps are created specifically for the GPS navigator, i.e. with the possibility of laying a route. They are made on the basis of vector images, because if the source is raster, i.e. image? consisting of pixels, then when the map is enlarged, the quality will decrease and it will be very difficult to see anything.

Step 2

To create maps of the area, use special programs - GIS (Geographic Information Systems). This is a software product that provides users with the ability to search, edit maps and add additional information about objects (building height, address, number of residents, etc.).

Step 3

GIS allows you to manage the DBMS, has a built-in editor for vector and raster graphics, as well as analytical tools that are used not only in cartography, but also in other industries. Maps are stored electronically and you can print them if you wish. To find GIS programs on the Internet, enter the corresponding query in the search engine, for example: "popular GIS programs" and choose the most convenient one according to the users' version.

Step 4

Use AutoCADMAP 3D to create 3D maps. The program has a wide functionality, so it is not very easy to use. But if you read the necessary literature, then everything seems to be quite easy and realizable. AutoCAD creates a vector image - in fact, a mathematical description of primitive objects, for a segment, for example, the coordinates of its start and end points, and the image is recalculated and redrawn when scaling, so the loss of quality is minimal.

Step 5

Without some knowledge of GIS and cartography, you will not be able to make a map of the area. Therefore, read the necessary literature before purchasing programs and use forums, technical support and all possible auxiliary materials.

Step 6

But to create a regular map, you need a compass. First, set a landmark - it can be a tree, a river, a swamp or a lighthouse, a tower, etc. For normal orientation on the map, connect the image on the map with real objects. Setting a compass reference point on the map is mainly used for areas where it is difficult to find a reference point (forest, desert).

Step 7

After determining the landmark, select the direction of travel and the bearing. If the path is not a straight line, then you need to accurately determine the distance and, after passing, change the direction of movement. Or select a landmark on the map, find it and only then change the direction of movement from it.

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