Lunar Calendar: Recommendations For The 14th Lunar Day

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Lunar Calendar: Recommendations For The 14th Lunar Day
Lunar Calendar: Recommendations For The 14th Lunar Day

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The influence of the lunar phases on human life has been known since ancient times. Following the lunar calendar helps to bring life in harmony with natural natural cycles, to plan your actions for several days and even weeks in advance, to choose the most favorable moments to start or complete important affairs, to survive difficult periods with less losses.

Lunar calendar: recommendations for the 14th lunar day
Lunar calendar: recommendations for the 14th lunar day

Characteristics of the lunar day

The full moon period begins on the fourteenth lunar day. The symbol of the day is a trumpet calling for an offensive and decisive action.

The 14th lunar day is favorable for the start of serious affairs that require the exertion of all forces. On this day, you can take a step that you have not dared to take for a long time, an effort to complete a long and difficult work. The energy of the day is conducive to both physical and mental stress. Passivity and idleness are contraindicated. Whatever you have in mind - renovation, opening your own business, travel - try to time the beginning of active actions to the first half of the 14th lunar day.

This day is considered especially successful for businessmen, people dealing with finances and other material resources. The deal, concluded on the fourteenth lunar day, will bring benefits to both parties.

It is a good idea to ask for a pay raise, to offer your boss your own plan of action. Dating promises a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

In the second half of the day, it is better to limit communication somewhat - people become prone to manipulation, shifting their problems onto other people's shoulders. It is better to listen to yourself, take stock of the first half of the month, prepare for the full moon - the time of transition to a qualitatively new state.

Life, health, nutrition

The 14th lunar day is characterized by a craving for salty food - do not deny yourself this pleasure. It is better to limit fluid intake, especially alcohol.

The spleen, pancreas and intestines are vulnerable, so if you suffer from chronic diseases of these organs, you should take measures to prevent their exacerbation. Procedures for cleansing the intestines, music therapy and vocal therapy, intensive sports are recommended. Excessive eye strain should be avoided.

Although marriages are recommended in the first half of the lunar month, the 14th lunar day is not suitable for marriages. It is also better to postpone trials and divorces to a better time.

On this day, it is advisable to cut your hair - a haircut promises improvements in all spheres of life, good luck in material matters, and is conducive to strengthening personal relationships. Therefore, even if you did not plan to visit the hairdresser, it is better to follow the recommendations of the lunar calendar and go to a beauty salon to at least trim the ends of your hair or bangs.

On the eve of the full moon, it is recommended to sow and cut the plants, but you should not transplant them, otherwise you will need constant care for the plantings - the root system in the first half of the lunar month is not very susceptible to damage, but if they are nevertheless obtained, it is poorly restored. Plants at this time often need watering.

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