Is It Necessary To Choose A Stone For Yourself According To The Horoscope

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Is It Necessary To Choose A Stone For Yourself According To The Horoscope
Is It Necessary To Choose A Stone For Yourself According To The Horoscope

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Each stone is unique in its origin and is endowed with magical properties. Traditionally, it is believed that the gem has a greater impact on people born under one or another horoscope, but this is not always the case. For example, astrologers recommend pearls for signs of the water element, but they are worn not only by Cancers, Pisces and Scorpions, but also by people born under different constellations.

A scattering of gems
A scattering of gems


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Each stone enhances certain aspects of character in a person, so select a gem based on its properties. So, jade makes its owner wiser, astrologers recommend wearing it for Virgo and Libra, but there are no contraindications for other horoscopes. Therefore, you can safely wear an amulet with jade if you want to acquire knowledge, have honesty and justice.

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Many quartz give cheerfulness and cheerful mood, therefore they are recommended for young people, regardless of the horoscope. Rose quartz is suitable for sophisticated natures - it makes the wearer resistant to stressful situations. Another representative of quartz, amethyst, is considered a symbol of purity and fragility. If you are young, you can safely wear these stones.

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You can wear talismans from the chalcedony group when you reach adulthood and regardless of the horoscope. For example, agate is a symbol of longevity and prosperity, protects you from the intrigues of enemies and takes care of your health. Onyx will help you gain self-confidence and teach you how to defend your interests. According to the legend of the Aztecs, the ring with onyx protects the owner from sudden death.

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Gems, which are yellow-brown in color, are considered the most healing stones. For example, carnelian fights infectious diseases and prevents blood poisoning. Recently, the effect of carnelian therapy on various human organs has been studied. If you have a reduced immunity, then you can safely wear jewelry with natural carnelian.

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Amber has a healthy effect on the thyroid gland, so you can wear it to treat endemic goiter without worrying about which sign it suits best. Keep in mind that amber inspires creativity and helps you gain optimism.

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The gemstone diamond is more recommended to be worn by Aries, but it can be worn by representatives of other elements. Wear diamonds with pleasure, they will emphasize your stateliness and beauty. Diamonds can drive away fears and protect you from negative influences from outside.

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Each astrologer recommends choosing the stone that you like and attracts at a subconscious level. If you are fascinated by the sight of a precious or ornamental gem, then this particular stone will be a lucky talisman for you. Rely on your inner voice and forget about horoscopes. After all, the horoscope summarizes the main qualities in people, and does not predetermine them. Not all Leos are strong in spirit, and not all Pisces are silent, therefore, the stone cannot be unequivocally attributed to a specific sign of the zodiac.

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