How To Choose A Pneumatic Gun

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How To Choose A Pneumatic Gun
How To Choose A Pneumatic Gun

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A real man's gift is a high-quality air gun. Before making a purchase, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the most famous and popular models. This will allow you to choose a decent pneumatics.

An air pistol is an affordable, but very serious weapon
An air pistol is an affordable, but very serious weapon


Step 1

Experts say that for a person who is not keen on shooting pneumatics, but who acquires it for other purposes, it makes no sense to buy a pistol with high power and speed of fire. The optimal choice is a weapon with the most simple and safe loading and firing process. For those who choose a pistol "just in case", it is advisable to buy models with semi-automatic or automatic shooting, outwardly spectacular, but incapable of causing fatal injuries.

Step 2

When choosing a pneumatic pistol, you need to pay attention to its following capabilities: it must be accurate enough when shooting at a distance of 10 m, be able to effectively hit various cans and other containers (noise and surprise are the best helpers in many conflict situations), do not require frequent refueling, be relatively inexpensive (the optimal price is up to 5 thousand rubles.)

Step 3

Those who have already owned pneumatic weapons and have the skills to handle them are advised to pay attention to the powerful and expensive PCP pneumatics. She can be attributed to the elite of this class of weapons. Models of the PPP type (spring-piston) are single-shot, which creates a complex of inconveniences when using them. For example, a certain skill is required in handling them. In addition, these pistols require quite a lot of effort when cocking the trigger. Therefore, this pneumatics is not suitable for women.

Step 4

The optimal choice for an unprepared person is the CO2 model, which belongs to a gas-cylinder type of weapon. It is inexpensive, of high quality, with an impressive and at the same time presentable appearance. For a thousand rubles, you can purchase a solid set of ammunition for it (in the range of 500-1000 shots).

Step 5

There are two types of CO2 pistols: those that shoot steel balls and lead bullets. Each of these ammunition has its own merits: balls have more destructive power, and bullets have better hitting accuracy.

Step 6

In the category of gas pneumatics there are pistols equipped with a blow back recoil system. You should be aware that these models consume significantly more gas than others and have a more complex mechanism. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase them either for professionals or amateurs.

Step 7

There are many models for each type of pneumatics. But first you need to decide on the class of weapons. Then you can choose the gun by its cost and external data.

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