What Is Wax Paper

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What Is Wax Paper
What Is Wax Paper

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Waxed paper is an indispensable tool for any housewife. It will protect cast iron dishes from rust, pastries from burning and kitchen furniture from oil deposits.

What is wax paper
What is wax paper

Wax paper is paper with a thin wax coating on both sides. It is waterproof and tight. Waxed paper has a translucent effect.

Using wax paper in cooking

Primarily, wax paper is used in households. Many housewives use it in the process of cooking or storing food, for example, so that the dough does not burn. This can even happen if the baking dish is generously greased with butter, especially with items with a high sugar content. To prevent the product from burning, put wax paper on top of the baking sheet. Because the waxed paper is already waxed, no need to grease it.

Waxed paper can be used to create beautiful lettering on the cake. To do this, cut out a cake-shaped template from paper, apply congratulatory words on it and hide it in the freezer. After a while, the letters can be peeled off the paper and applied to the cake.

Household Waxed Paper Use

If you put paper in a frozen food container, all the water will settle on the lining. By wiping the cast iron cookware with paper immediately after washing, you will protect it from rust.

Waxed paper can be placed on top of the kitchen furniture to keep it free from oil stains. It will also protect the cutting board from blood stains if wrapped in several layers of paper.

Waxed paper can be used to rub chrome plumbing fixtures to make them shine.

Also wax paper is used for embroidery. It can be used to copy a lettering and then embroider it on heavy fabric. First, you need to transfer the inscription to waxed paper from the original with a permanent marker, so you get a template. After that, the template must be pinned to the embroidery area with pins. All that remains is to embroider directly on the paper. Once the job is done, the waxed paper can be easily removed from under the stitches.

In addition, wax paper is used in art for wrapping envelopes, leaves and flowers, and scrolls.

Where to get wax paper

Waxed paper is sold at hardware stores, supermarkets, and office supply stores, and you can also make your own. It can be colored or with text, it all depends on the pre-printed background. In this case, you can use any paper, from white office paper to special for scrapbooking.

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