How To Learn The Braille Alphabet

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How To Learn The Braille Alphabet
How To Learn The Braille Alphabet
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One of the most famous fonts that allow blind people to write and read is the Braille alphabet. A blind Frenchman created it based on the previously familiar font of Gayuy.

How to learn the Braille alphabet
How to learn the Braille alphabet


Step 1

The Frenchman Louis Braille in 1824, at the age of 16, created the dot-relief type, himself being blind from the age of three. At that time, there already existed a relief-linear font by Valentin Gayui, who took the font used by the military for reading in the field (at night) as the basis of his writing. The disadvantage of the military type was its cumbersomeness, because there were few words on the page.

Step 2

Although Braille was not the pioneer of the alphabet for the blind, he developed a new lettering system, which was based on a matrix with six dot patterns - letters. For writing, the application of point pricks on paper was taken. However, this system also had a number of drawbacks, for example, the impossibility of designating capital letters, spaces after the comma and before the dash. To justify the rather illiterate writing style, some grammar changes were made when using Braille characters.

Step 3

A feature of writing in the Braille system is that the text is written from right to left, then the sheet is turned over and the text is read along the protuberances of the punctured dots.

Step 4

When teaching to read Braille, it should be borne in mind that letters are recognized by embossed bulges. The biggest challenge is that most trainees have a very poor sense of touch on their fingertips. It is fundamentally wrong to believe that blind people have hypersensitive fingers.

Step 5

To develop the sense of touch, it is recommended to go through small objects such as cereals, peas, beads. It is very important to orient the trainee to work with both hands at the same time. Moreover, sorting out buckwheat and rice, it is necessary to focus on their shape, to remember the sensations.

Step 6

Additional teaching aids for teaching the Braille alphabet are: a set of letters, for example, the Russian alphabet, made of plastic and with perforations applied corresponding to the letters of the Braille alphabet.

Step 7

There is even a Rubik's cube for blind people. Instead of color, a relief surface is applied to the segments of the cube. To help students, a special table is issued that allows a blind person to memorize Braille. The table contains the Russian alphabet and embossed bulges in Braille, corresponding to the Russian letter, are applied to each letter.

Step 8

Each letter is memorized separately. So, letter "A" corresponds to the location of one point in the upper left corner, letter "B" - in the same place, but already two points. Usually it takes up to one and a half months to master the alphabet, after which the student is offered a simple reading that does not have punctuation marks.

Step 9

Usually in Russia, thick sheets of A4 format are used to work with "blind" fonts, the internationally accepted distance between dots is 2.5 mm. Do not place more than 25 lines per sheet.

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