How And Why Did The Egyptians Build The Pyramids

How And Why Did The Egyptians Build The Pyramids
How And Why Did The Egyptians Build The Pyramids

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Even the ancients said that even time has no power over the pyramids. Indeed, the grandiose structures, built of carefully worked and fitted stone blocks, have survived to this day. Until now, among researchers, disputes about how the pyramids were built and why the Egyptians needed them do not subside.

How and why did the Egyptians build the pyramids
How and why did the Egyptians build the pyramids

According to the most common version, the Egyptian pyramids represent the burial places of the pharaohs. They were built in order to perpetuate the names of the Egyptian rulers and guarantee them immortality. Several dozen pyramids are known on the territory of modern Egypt. Most of them are in good condition, invariably arousing the admiration of tourists.

The most famous gigantic structure is considered the Cheops pyramid, located in Giza. Researchers believe that it was built more than four thousand years ago. In the writings of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, there is an indication that the construction of the Cheops pyramid took several decades, and more than ten thousand people worked on the construction.

The fact that the height of the Cheops pyramid is 140 m, and the length of each side of the base is 230 m, testifies to how grandiose structures the pyramids are. There is a system of rooms and passages inside the structure. The main chamber is a burial chamber, comparable in size to a small house.

When the pharaoh died, his body was treated in a special way, turning it into a mummy. In the room where the mummified body of the ruler was placed, objects were laid without which it would be difficult for him to get along in the afterlife. In the burial chambers of the pyramids, researchers found ornate clothing, jewelry, weapons, and household items. These findings indicate that the pyramids were originally built as tombs.

Until now, scientists and engineers have not come to a consensus as to how the Egyptians built the pyramids. To erect such colossal structures, which include a huge number of heavy stone blocks, special lifting devices were needed. Ropes, wooden decks and rollers were probably used, as well as a system of ingenious blocks that made it possible to lift blocks to a considerable height.

It is obvious that the Egyptians compensated for the imperfection of ancient technology by using the labor of many forced laborers. Apparently, the stone for the pyramids was mined in the immediate vicinity of the construction site, less often it was delivered along the Nile from remote places on special barges.

Researchers are surprised by the quality and accuracy of the fit of massive blocks to each other, which indicates a high technique of stone processing. Unfortunately, the exact information about the technologies for the construction of the pyramids has not survived to this day. Stone giants towering in the desert reliably keep the secrets of ancient builders.

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