What Is "ce La Vie"

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What Is "ce La Vie"
What Is "ce La Vie"
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"Ce la vie" is an expression that many of us have heard in various life situations. At the same time, each speaker often puts his own meaning into it: someone - disappointment from life, and someone - a willingness to change.


"C'est la vie" is an exact transcription of the French expression "C'est la vie". Moreover, in Russian, this expression is most often used in colloquial speech, therefore there is no single established form - continuous or separate - it is written in Russian letters. In this regard, the French original of this rather common phrase is most often used in writing.

Expression value

The literal translation of the original source - the French phrase "C'est la vie" - into Russian means "Such is life." A semantic analogue of such an expression exists in many languages ​​of the world, but in some, for example, in English, elements of the so-called reduced vocabulary are used to construct it, that is, slang words, abusive expressions and similar components of speech.

The meaning of the expression

The meaningful meaning of this expression is diverse and characterized by many different shades that the subject using it can put into it, depending on the situation of use. Moreover, in all cases, the use of this expression reflects a peculiar philosophical attitude towards life events.

So, for example, one of the most common uses of this expression is to convey to the interlocutor the idea that various situations are possible in life, and it is impossible to predict the development of events in advance. For example, you can use this expression in the event that some more or less serious trouble has happened to you or your interlocutor: loss of keys, failure at work or at school, being late for the train, and the like.

However, you should not use this phrase if a person has a really big misfortune, such as an accident, the death of a close relative. In such a situation, this comment may indicate that you do not take his grief too seriously and tend to downplay its importance to the affected party.

An additional semantic connotation that a person who pronounces "Ce la vie" can put into this expression includes the desire to console and cheer up his counterpart who is faced with a particular problem. In this case, the use of this phrase, as it were, shifts part of the responsibility for what happened not to the subject himself, who got into an unpleasant situation, but to life circumstances that can happen to everyone. Thus, the speaker can try to make it clear to the interlocutor that what happened is not his own fault.

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