How To Put A Tattoo

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How To Put A Tattoo
How To Put A Tattoo

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Video: How To Put A Tattoo
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A tattoo is a stylish piece of jewelry that millions of people acquire to express themselves. However, unlike other jewelry, you will not be able to “put on another” instantly. So what if you want a tattoo?

How to put a tattoo
How to put a tattoo


Step 1

First you need to firmly decide for yourself whether you are ready to go through your whole life with a pattern on your body. If your tattoo is an imitation of fashion or your favorite artist, then it makes sense to get a temporary tattoo, for example, from henna.

Step 2

In any case, whether you choose a temporary or permanent tattoo, you need to carefully consider the drawing. It should suit you, reflect your essence, and in the end you like it. You cannot proceed from the principle “a friend made such a drawing for herself, and I want one too”. Perhaps the drawing will be symbolic - it will remind you of some event or person, or maybe the tattoo will contain a wish for good luck, love or something else - in this case, the tattoo will not be just a picture for you.

Step 3

After the drawing is selected, you need to think about where it will be located. It should fit well, accentuate your figure and hide imperfections like scars.

Step 4

Now it's time to get a tattoo. Asking questions is your sacred right as a consumer. If at least something confuses, then you should look for another master.

Step 5

But now the master is selected. The most important stage comes - actually, tattooing. You should never take alcoholic beverages before tattooing! Even for courage. However, a tattoo is not so painful. Most people with a tattoo admitted that they expected much more pain when it was applied.

Step 6

After the tattoo is completed, you need to start taking proper care of it. To avoid complications and damage to the appearance of the tattoo, you need to regularly gently wash the tattoo and lubricate it with ointment. In no case should you scratch or soak it. In addition, trips to the solarium or the beach and sauna will have to be temporarily postponed. However, the result is worth such limitations.

Step 7

And finally, a small warning to everyone who is going to put a tattoo. Surely everyone knows about the tattoo removal procedure. It would seem, what is simpler - made a tattoo, walked with him, disliked it - deleted it. But it’s not that simple. The fact is that with the help of modern methods of removal, it is completely impossible to get rid of a tattoo. And the traces, albeit small, will always remind you of an unsuccessful tattoo.

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