How To Build A Skate Park

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How To Build A Skate Park
How To Build A Skate Park
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Skating is not yet an official sport, and therefore does not have government support. However, in cities more and more often you can find skate parks - special areas with jumps and slides.

How to build a skate park
How to build a skate park


Step 1

If you decide to build a skate park in your community, unite all stakeholders and create an initiative group. Choose a leader who can talk to officials and get things done.

Step 2

Collect as many signatures as possible in support of the skate park before your first trip to the authorities. In your application, prove the need to create such a site in this area.

Step 3

Prepare several projects, including photographs and information materials. Calculate your estimated budget. Think about how you can involve businessmen in construction. For example, entrepreneurs who sell sporting goods might be your sponsors. Indeed, if a skate park appears, the demand for rollers, bicycles, skateboards, sports uniforms, etc. will increase.

Step 4

In addition, the entertainment industry continues to be one of the most lucrative areas of business. Therefore, the site can be made paid, then all costs will pay off faster. However, the services must correspond to the level of the charged fees, which means that the park will have to be equipped with good coverage and equipment. You can offer visitors to rent rollers, skates, bicycles. You will need to draw up statutory documents, register an individual entrepreneur.

Step 5

Send an application to the Glavarkhitektura and the district (municipality) administration. Within 30 days, it will be considered, and you will receive either a building permit or a motivated refusal, which can be appealed in court.

Step 6

If the application is approved, you will be asked to approve the project (again contact the Glavarkhitektura and the Cadastral Chamber) and provide a schedule of work, estimates and contracts with contractors. However, you can do without these documents - build a skate park yourself and, in fact, contact the body that manages the area it occupies with a request to accept the finished structure on the balance sheet or transfer the site for long-term gratuitous use to the population.

Step 7

Having finished with the bureaucratic procedures, proceed to equip the site. The skate park must be equipped with figures for performing tricks, these can be ramps, ramps, railings, fanboxes, pyramids, steps, and others. Each figure must be located at a distance of at least 2.5 m from the others. At the same time, place those devices that involve jumping with a skate in the center of the arena.

Step 8

Provide rollouts and tracks for acceleration, separate tracks for beginners should be located. As a rule, their width varies from 3 to 9 m.

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