How To Reduce Gas Consumption

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How To Reduce Gas Consumption
How To Reduce Gas Consumption

Video: How To Reduce Gas Consumption

Video: How To Reduce Gas Consumption
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Methane and propane are valuable chemicals. They, like oil, are used not only as a fuel, but also as a raw material for the production of plastics and even medicines. Everyone should think about saving them.

How to reduce gas consumption
How to reduce gas consumption


Step 1

If you use a car equipped with LPG, to save gas, use the same techniques that are usually used to save gas. Develop an economical driving style, properly adjust the engine, etc.

Step 2

When using a gas stove, use cookware that provides the least heat loss (not too small and not too large). If you need to boil water for a couple of cups of tea, do not fill the kettle with more water than required.

Step 3

Remember that after the lighter has stopped working, there is still a lot of gas left in it. His pressure just dropped. Warm the lighter that stopped working in the cold with your hands or move it to a warm room (but in no case heat it in any other way), and it will work a little more. If it has a valve, then it is refillable. Learn to fill it correctly and safely. When refueling, immediately turn off the gas supply as soon as the lighter is full. For even greater gas savings, quit smoking or at least switch to electronic cigarettes. Matches are more environmentally friendly than disposable lighters, but completely lose in this indicator to refueled ones (including those that are designed to ignite not cigarettes, but gas in a gas stove or column).

Step 4

Change the gas water heater to one that does not use a pilot flame, or at least turn off this flame when not using the device for a long time.

Step 5

In order to indirectly reduce gas consumption, save energy and water. Many CHP plants run on gas. Even when using cold water, you indirectly consume gas, since the pumps are powered by the turbine generators of the same CHPP.

Step 6

If you are a livestock manager, consider generating methane on your farm with digesters and using it for local heating and electricity.

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