How To Make Fire

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How To Make Fire
How To Make Fire

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One of the earliest methods of making fire is friction. Later, people began to use other methods, for example, optical - with the help of a lens. Today, a person practically does not think about methods of making fire, because there are matches and lighters. However, in emergency situations, the knowledge and skills of ancestors can save a person's life.


There are many ways to make fire using different materials. You can study them endlessly, each has its own characteristics. If you find yourself in a situation where the benefits of civilization in the form of matches or lighters are not available, then the ability to make fire can save your life, so it is important to know at least a few of the simplest methods. Below are some of them.

The lens will help to get fire

If you have a sufficiently powerful lens at hand, for example, from a camera, and the weather is sunny outside, then you can try to make fire in one of the simplest ways. In addition, you will need a piece of shabby cloth, crumpled paper of poor quality, for example, toilet paper, or a piece of thin birch bark. When making fire with a lens, the most important thing is a firm hand, because the lens must be motionless. If you feel like you can't handle it, provide a comfortable elbow support.

When making fire with the lens, it is recommended to use additional dry materials such as foliage. This will help a smoldering piece of paper or a piece of birch bark to flare up.

With planks and a cotton ball

This is a pretty fun and easy way to get fire. It is recommended that you take two dry planks and a cotton ball, place the cotton wool between the planks and start rubbing them together. Your movements should be quick and symmetrical with light pressure. Soon you will see that a light smoke began to emanate from the ball, and the cotton wool itself has turned brown. After that, you need to act very quickly: grab the smoldering ball, break it in half, wave it a little in the air. From active contact with oxygen, the cotton halves will turn red and actively smoke, they must be placed in a dry, rapidly flaring material and immediately start fanning the fire. It is very important to remember that the cotton ball you use must be very dense, otherwise it will simply flatten out during rubbing between the boards.

Making fire by rotating the rod between the palms

This is a rather laborious method of making fire, it often seems simply impossible, especially for a beginner. However, if you show patience and skill, then there is a chance to achieve the desired result. Surprisingly, a professional can drill a fire in less than three minutes.

If you do not have such tree species as pine and beech at hand, then you can use another, no less effective combination: a board-base made of alder, and a stick-rod made of oak.

Getting fire by rotating the rod between the palms is as follows: you take a board, make a dimple in it in such a way that it would be convenient to insert a stick into it - a rod. Holding the board with your foot, begin to rotate the stick in the hollow, making rotational movements with your hands, you need to act very quickly and rhythmically, pressure on the rod is also important. The fact is that it is not the rod or the board itself that begins to smolder, but the red-hot wood powder formed during friction. A sufficient amount of it must accumulate, otherwise it will not be possible to get the fire.

Usually, this method is not produced by this method alone, but together, or even three, because the hands very quickly get tired and slide to the base of the rod, at this moment the worker is replaced by another, this allows you to rotate the stick-rod at a faster pace and with greater pressing force. In order to achieve the result as soon as possible, it is necessary to use certain types of wood.A combination of pine and beech is considered the best option, and the base plate used should be made of pine, and the stick-rod should be made of beech.

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