How To Visit The Kremlin

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How To Visit The Kremlin
How To Visit The Kremlin

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The territory of the Moscow Kremlin is open to all comers at strictly allotted hours. You can reach it by metro or car. To visit the architectural ensemble of Cathedral Square and the Kremlin museums, you must purchase an entrance ticket.

How to visit the Kremlin
How to visit the Kremlin


Step 1

Visit the official website of the Moscow Kremlin. On it you can find information about the time when the territory of the Kremlin is open to visitors, and the opening hours of museums located on its territory. On normal days, the territory is open from 10.00 to 17.00, but on holidays the schedule can be changed. The Kremlin is closed to visitors on Thursdays. Please note that the Armory is open for strict time sessions, so try to arrive at the Kremlin territory well in advance, as the next "call" will take place only two hours later.

Step 2

Take advantage of the Moscow Metro. The easiest way to get to the Kremlin is from the exit from the metro stations Biblioteka im.Lenin (Sokolnicheskaya line, red line) and Borovitskaya (Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line, gray line). The entrance to the Kremlin is carried out from the side of the Alexander Garden through the Trinity Tower.

Step 3

Pay attention to the parking conditions on the central streets of Moscow if you get to the Kremlin by car. Evacuators regularly run on the territory of the historical part of the city.

Step 4

Purchase entrance tickets at the Kremlin ticket offices, they are located in the Alexander Garden and at the Kutafya Tower. Tickets to the Armory can also be purchased on the territory of the Kremlin on Cathedral Square; the sale starts 45 minutes before the start of the session. Please note that ticket offices are open daily from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm, excluding Thursday.

Step 5

Select the ticket you want. Admission to the Armory Chamber and exhibitions held in the Assumption Belfry and in the One-Pillar Chamber is paid separately. Keep in mind that the price of an entrance ticket to any of the Kremlin museums is quite high, for example, the cost of visiting the Armory is 700 rubles. If you belong to the privileged category of citizens, do not forget the relevant document.

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