What Is Measured With A Dynamometer

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What Is Measured With A Dynamometer
What Is Measured With A Dynamometer

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In the modern world, all actions are measured and have their own magnitude. There is a dedicated instrument for almost any measurement. For example, a ruler can be used to measure length, a glucometer can be used to measure blood glucose, and a pressure gauge can be used to measure liquid or gas pressure. And what is measured by a dynamometer?

What is measured with a dynamometer
What is measured with a dynamometer

Dynamometer measures force or moment of force.

Device device

The device consists of a power link and a counting device. The principle of operation is based on the deformation caused by the measured force in the power link. The reading device is directly or through a transmission connected to the power link and displays the deformation on a scale with divisions, if it is a mechanical device, or in numbers on a scoreboard, if the device is electronic.

Dynamometer in everyday life

Why do you need a device to measure strength in everyday life? Many people have a device such as a scale, floor or kitchen scale, or even a balance. These devices work on the same principle. And often you can find such a name "dynamometric scales". These scales are used for weighing large and heavy loads using cranes.

The dynamometer is widely used in sports medicine and physiology. A wrist dynamometer measures the strength of the flexor muscles in the fingers of the hands, which is used to assess the function of the hands of a healthy person or recovering from injuries. The bench dynamometer allows you to assess the general physical fitness of a person. Physical studies are used in neurology to diagnose diseases associated with muscle weakness.

The principles of the dynamometer are used to measure the compressive forces of automatic systems: elevator doors or automatic doors in a supermarket, car power windows, gate leaves. If this parameter is set incorrectly, it can cause injury or damage to property. Therefore, technical standards have been developed and are strictly applied, which determine the maximum compression force of closing automatic systems.

Many motorists know a tool such as a torque wrench. The torque system of such a wrench allows you to tighten the nut with jewelry precision so as not to damage the thread and at the same time it does not unwind at the most inopportune moment.

Dynamometers are divided into exemplary and working ones according to their purpose. Exemplary dynamometers differ in the degree of accuracy (I, II, III degrees). They are used to assess the accuracy and calibration of working dynamometers, as well as to control the force of machines that check the mechanical properties of products and materials. Working dynamometers are used to measure the pulling forces of large equipment such as tractors, tractors, tugs.

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