How To Open The Third Eye

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How To Open The Third Eye
How To Open The Third Eye
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A person is born with a fully open third eye. But as they grow older, illusions and ideas about the world imposed by other people, as a rule, contribute to the closure of this extrasensory organ. Fortunately, there are safe and reliable practices to fix this.

How to open the third eye
How to open the third eye

Yoga and meditation

The easiest way to open your third eye is to do yoga or meditation. Yoga allows you to create an ideal harmony of physical and spiritual or "subtle" bodies, and meditation expands consciousness, allows you to fully use your mind. It is best to combine both activities, this will allow you to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

It is advisable to practice yoga every day, and it is better to start the practice under the guidance of a good teacher, after that you can go on to self-study. Many practitioners find that doing yoga on their own brings them more benefits and joy. After each yoga session, you can do a meditation to open your third eye. If you are not enthusiastic about yoga, this meditation can be done separately.

To begin your meditation on opening your third eye, take a comfortable position. You can sit or lie down, as long as your back is straight. Try to relax, let go of thoughts and emotions, and shut out external stimuli. Concentrate on your breathing, take a short pause between inhalation and exhalation, breathe rhythmically and not very deeply, try to breathe with your stomach, not your chest.

Opening the third eye

Close your eyes, sit for a while in silence, concentrating on your breathing, then focus on the area between the eyebrows, fix your attention on this place, continue breathing, try not to think about anything. After a while, you will see a small point of light in your inner field of vision, concentrate on it.

It should be noted that some people can easily raise their eyes, keeping them closed, others just mentally hold their gaze between the eyebrows. If you find it difficult to physically raise your eyes, do not force yourself, limit yourself to your mind's eye.

Focus on the point of light, watch as it expands, encompasses the entire field of view, this is how the opening of the third eye manifests. If this happened, you should feel lightness, calmness, confidence. This may take a lot of time and dozens of meditation sessions, the main thing is not to stop halfway. For some people, it may take years of daily meditation to open their third eye.

Opening the third eye allows you to understand and accept the fact that your life is a kind of partnership with the world or the universe. It removes doubts and fear, allows you to accept your true self. Opening the third eye is a way to look completely differently at the world around you and loved ones.

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