How To Increase The Number Of Subscribers

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How To Increase The Number Of Subscribers
How To Increase The Number Of Subscribers

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An important indicator of the success of a blog or website is the number of subscribers registered for it. You can increase them in different ways - by attracting friends, cooperating with various thematic sites, advertising on mailing lists.

How to increase the number of subscribers
How to increase the number of subscribers

It is necessary

  • - cooperation with other sites;
  • - advertising for the newsletter;
  • - contests, bonuses, etc.


Step 1

To get started, invite your subscribers to invite their friends to the newsletter. Design the subscription form so that you can enter your friend's e-mail with his name and a short comment there. The recipient of the invitation to subscribe can easily fill out the form and confirm the subscription.

Step 2

Collaborate with other similar sites. Find sites that post similar topics and offer them cooperation. The form of cooperation can be arranged in the following way: you will post information about their site in your mailing list, and they will post your information in their mailing list. This way you can attract more users to your sites.

Step 3

A good way to increase your subscriber base is to advertise on other links. As a rule, such advertising is inexpensive and is especially convenient for those who send mailings not through the service, but on their website.

Step 4

Alternatively, run an interesting thematic competition. It usually motivates members well and attracts new subscribers. Announce the theme of the competition and the prize to the winner, and people will find you on their own. Naturally, in order to look at their work, their friends and acquaintances will gradually appear on your site. Thus, the number of subscribers will increase. The theme of the competition can be different, depending on the theme of your site - from the most beautiful photo to the best dish or poem.

Step 5

To attract subscribers, write an article on the site about the benefits of subscribing to e-mail, provide bonuses for your subscribers to certain goods and services, tell about something in the mailing list earlier than on the website, make a separate small site about the mailing list.

Step 6

Don't forget to pay attention to the quality of your content as well. It should be relevant, interesting and understandable for readers, work on a beautiful design, make your site visitors feel your respect for them from the first lines, and believe me, over time, the number of your readers and subscribers will increase significantly.

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