How To Write A Game

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How To Write A Game
How To Write A Game
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If you want to write your own game for fun, that's great. But if your motive is to become a professional game creator or programmer, then you have to be serious about it as it is hard work.

How to write a game
How to write a game

It is necessary

  • - a computer;
  • - programming manuals;
  • - compiler;
  • - the Internet.


Step 1

Decide what kind of game you want to make. Think about which genre you prefer: adventure, racing, strategy, etc. In the first step, you don't need to overcomplicate the graphics. Choose a simple design. Consider examples like Tetris or space invaders to get started. Don't bother to design popular RPGs with hundreds of different characters, 3D graphics and incredible sound effects.

Step 2

Select the language for creating the game. Recommended for this purpose: C or C + +, since most games are programmed in these languages. In addition, there are numerous resources and tutorials for them. You can choose either C or C ++, because once you master one, you can easily learn the other.

Step 3

Download the compiler to your computer. You can write the game code in notepad first, but you need a compiler to create your own program because it transforms the code so your computer can execute the program. Look in Resources for a list of free compilers for C and C ++.

Step 4

Learn the language for making games. The best way to do this is to enroll in courses, but if you cannot afford it, then either buy the manuals yourself or take a library subscription where you can find books on programming. You can also use online sources to write your own program, but for that you need to buy a book.

Step 5

Start writing your own game program after you have mastered the basic knowledge of the chosen programming language. Tetris is the best place to start, as this program includes all the components you need to learn how to do to create your game. Just change some of the constituent parts and design your creation.

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