Which City In The World Is Coldest

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Which City In The World Is Coldest
Which City In The World Is Coldest

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The coldest place in the world is in Antarctica. There are no cities there - only the Vostok-1 research station, which was founded in 1957 by Soviet scientists. In 1983, the station recorded a temperature of -89.2 ° С.

There are places on the planet with temperatures below -60 ° C and people live in them
There are places on the planet with temperatures below -60 ° C and people live in them

It is necessary

  • - geographical map of the world;
  • - plane;
  • - thermometer.


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Verkhoyansk is located in Yakutia. This settlement is located in the Arctic Circle. It has long been a place of exile for political prisoners. Here the minimum temperature was recorded –67.1 ° С. And even a memorial plaque was opened in honor of the absolute minimum temperature in the entire northern hemisphere.

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Nevertheless, a real temperature minimum, except for the Vostok-1 station, was noted in Oymyakon. This is a village in the Oymyakonsky District of Yakutia, located on the left bank of the Indigirka River. Here the temperature dropped to –71.2 ° С. But this is due not so much to the climate as to the location of the city. Oymyakon is located in a bowl between the mountains, where cold air accumulates. Therefore, the palm tree for the cold is still given to Verkhoyansk.

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In order to find yourself in the coldest city in the world, you need to go to Yakutsk in January. The city is located on the Lena River. This is the capital of Yakutia. In terms of population, it is the largest city in the entire north-east of Russia. In Yakutsk, a temperature of -64 ° C was recorded in January. And the average annual temperature is only + 10 ° С.

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In terms of low average annual temperatures, Yakutsk may well compete with International Falls, located in the state of Minnesota (USA). It is the administrative center of Kuchiching County, with a population of 7,000. The average air temperature in the city is only + 2 ° С. This settlement is considered the coldest in America and is called the "refrigerator of the nation."

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The village of Snage is located in the Yukon province (Canada). The thermometer here sometimes drops to –63 ° С. The village was formed during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Step 6

Denmark can boast of regions with low temperatures. Here is the island of Greenland with an area of ​​2 million square meters, impressive ice reserves and an average February temperature of -47 ° С.

Step 7

Eureka is a research meteorological station in Canada with a stable temperature of –40 ° C throughout the winter. There are no locals, but a lot of tourists who pay $ 20,000 for a flight to get there.

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