Why Are The Birds Knocking On The Window

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Why Are The Birds Knocking On The Window
Why Are The Birds Knocking On The Window

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From time immemorial, among different peoples of the world, birds have been used for various hoaxes, mystical rituals, all kinds of spells, fortune-telling and, of course, signs. Today it is believed that the bird is a kind of symbol of the human soul. Beliefs associated with these feathered creatures are both good and bad.

A bird knocking on the window is a bad omen
A bird knocking on the window is a bad omen

Why are birds knocking on the window?

This omen is not very good. The thing is that since ancient times, birds were attributed to one or another connection with the subtle worlds. That is, birds are a kind of "mediators" between the heavenly and earthly worlds: they transmit messages from heaven, the will of already dead people. Knowing this, it is not difficult to guess why it is considered a bad omen for a bird to knock on a window pane.

The bird is knocking on the window - is it sad?

It all depends on what kind of bird knocked on the window. The common tit is considered the most "sad" bird. But that is not all! This omen becomes the most terrible when a titmouse breaks to death on a window glass. Then they say that the omen is doubly effective.

It is curious that some occultists have unearthed ancient beliefs according to which the titmouse knocking on the window symbolizes only happiness. This interpretation is due to the fact that the ancient ancestors of the Slavs considered tits to be good birds, messengers of the forces of light. In addition, the titmouse was ascribed a relationship with the very legendary Blue Bird, carrying happiness on its wings. As you can see from this paragraph, this omen is not so bad.

The bird is knocking on the window. What do psychics say?

Many magicians and psychics claim that this omen is very bad. They say that even a small bird knocking on someone's window (for example, a sparrow) can indirectly do a lot of mischief: its knocking will be a harbinger of the imminent death of one of the household members. Psychics say that such a sign is a kind of sign, they say, people need to be prepared in advance for a sad event.

What do psychologists say about birds knocking on windows?

According to psychologists, there is no need to try to take this sign to heart, attach great importance to it, etc. Psychologists are sure that all these are the most common coincidences, of which there are a lot of them in a day. Perhaps one coincidence in a thousand is this notorious omen - but no more! Moreover, nothing of the kind has yet been proven by anyone.

Believe it or not?

If you delve into such signs with your head, then you can believe that any feathered creature sitting on the windowsill is a warning from above, and a bird that has flown into the house is a herald of the death of some familiar person. However, to believe in such signs or not is entirely a personal matter for everyone. The main thing here is not to forget about common sense, which will certainly help in all situations!

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