How To Shoot A Carbine

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How To Shoot A Carbine
How To Shoot A Carbine

Video: How To Shoot A Carbine

Video: How To Shoot A Carbine
Video: Acceptable Accuracy | Long-Range Rifle Shooting with Ryan Cleckner 2023, March

Successful zeroing of a rifle depends on knowledge and experience. A craftsman can do everything with one cartridge and a range of accessories. But to achieve mastery, you need to have serious theoretical knowledge of weapons, optical equipment, ballistics. The first skills come after the first try.

How to shoot a carbine
How to shoot a carbine


Step 1

Choose the right ammo for zeroing your rifle. Use only the cartridges you intend to hunt. After all, cartridges from different manufacturers, with a different weight or shape of the bullet can fly along different trajectories. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase several packs of the same batch for the entire season.

Step 2

Install the telescopic sight securely and without backlash, because you will not get heaps of stable shooting.

Adjust the retaining screw so that the sight will slide firmly on the slide when installed. In this case, the locking lever must close with a certain force.

Step 3

If the scope is arranged separately from the bracket, then first install the bracket on the carabiner. Adjust the scope to suit you, estimating how far from the eye the scope will be. Tighten the screws slightly.

Install the sight tube by tightening slightly with clamps. Watch out: maybe the barrel with the scope has a different direction.

Step 4

Then adjust the position of the sight so that the center of the sight is maximally "looking" at the center of the target.

First, you can try to shoot from 50 meters. If you managed to get there, then make corrections and move on.

Step 5

If the sight you are setting is imported, then the vertical correction flywheel should be at zero. On most domestic carbines, you have to put plates under the sight tube from the sides of the bracket racks or back and forth.

Step 6

Place the plates so that the barrel and the center of the scope converge at one point. If it works, then tighten the screws securely and shoot the target from a distance of 100 meters.

Step 7

Finally, perform an accurate zeroing. It is better to shoot in a prone position, with a good focus. So you set the sight, stop, trigger.

Step 8

Continuing zeroing in, fire a series of 4 shots to determine the midpoint of impact at a distance of 100 meters. Make another batch for control. Bullets of the second series should go in the same place as the first.

Step 9

Make sure that the aiming point coincides with the midpoint of impact.

Now reset the handwheels.

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