How To Choose An Alarm

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How To Choose An Alarm
How To Choose An Alarm

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Alarm clocks accompany a person from school until retirement, regularly causing a storm of indignation and hatred in the morning. Nowadays, mobile phones serve many for this purpose, but if you decide to buy yourself a real mechanical alarm clock, you need to follow some rules.

How to choose an alarm
How to choose an alarm


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If you are looking for a real mechanical alarm clock, be prepared for the fact that its price will be significantly different from that of a regular quartz watch. Mechanical alarm clocks are classics of the genre. They require constant winding, tick very loudly, and may lag slightly if you forget to wind them up at the right time. That is why, before deciding on such a purchase, you should think very carefully. The mechanics can break or burn out only in some very emergency, but such a watch is quite sensitive to shocks and falls. If all this does not stop you and the decision is made, you can choose the model you like.

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The first thing you should pay attention to are wheels or keys for the factory. Since you will be using them daily, make sure they are comfortable for your fingers, not too tight, and turn easily and smoothly. At the time of purchase, the seller usually winds the watch a few turns, ask permission to do this yourself. If you feel that the spring turns unevenly or immediately goes very tight, although the watch is standing, it is better to choose another model. Mechanical watches often have a separate winding mechanism for the alarm itself. Make sure you can tell the difference between the two wheels. It may sound strange, but most people confuse the same wheels and mistakenly turn on the wrong wheels.

Step 3

Since we are talking about the fact that it is better not to drop a mechanical alarm clock, it will not be superfluous to think over its design and construction. Watch manufacturers produce very interesting in shape models that can be a real decoration for your room, but, unfortunately, are completely unstable. If you don't want to throw away a lot of money and collect the fragments from your alarm clock the very next day, choose models that stand firmly and do not wobble.

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