How To Set A Temperature Alarm

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How To Set A Temperature Alarm
How To Set A Temperature Alarm

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Certain personal computer devices consume large amounts of energy. This equipment becomes very hot during operation. Fans and additional utilities help protect devices from overheating.

How to set a temperature alarm
How to set a temperature alarm


Real Temp


Step 1

If you are worried about the safety of your personal computer, then set the parameters to automatically shutdown your PC when it overheats. Typically, these functions are included in the BIOS menu of the computer motherboard. Open this menu by restarting your computer and pressing the Delete key.

Step 2

Find the CPU Status or Hardware Control menu. The menu name may be different on some motherboard models. In the window that opens, you will see the current temperature readings of the main PC devices. Find Max Temperatures. Set the required value. If the specified temperature level is exceeded, the computer will be automatically turned off.

Step 3

If the capabilities of your motherboard allow you to configure automatic shutdown when other devices, such as a video card, overheat, then configure the settings for this equipment as well.

Step 4

Sometimes it is better to use programs that work with the Windows operating system to adjust and control the temperature. Download and install the Real Temp app. Turn on this program and go to the Settings menu.

Step 5

Find Alarm Temperatures and check the box next to it. Find two graphs: CPU and GPU. They are designed to set the maximum temperatures for the CPU and video card, respectively. Enter the required values ​​and click the Alarm.exe button. Select the file to which the program will write the specified settings. Click the Apply button and minimize the program window.

Step 6

Remember that the Real Temp utility must be active. Use the Minimize button to minimize the program window to the system tray.

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