How To Create A Demotivator

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How To Create A Demotivator
How To Create A Demotivator

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A demotivator or demo poster is a picture on a background and a slogan (caption to the picture). You can create a demotivator using a variety of programs or special online resources.

How to create a demotivator
How to create a demotivator

The main thing in a demotivator is an idea

The purpose of the demotivator is to quickly convey an idea to the viewer with the help of a paradoxical combination of a picture and a signature to it, to cause a strong impression. Therefore, to create demotivators, sharp, topical topics are usually used that are interesting to anyone: politics, social problems, gender relations.

The demotivator arose as a response to a motivator that had lost its relevance - a social or propaganda poster that was too primitive and straightforward. Therefore, in order to create a real demotivator that hits “not in the eyebrow, but in the eye”, you need to have a broad outlook and a creative view of the world. You will also need the ability to see any problem from an unexpected angle and a great sense of humor. Coming up with an actual idea, choosing a vivid, memorable illustration and the right signature for it is the most difficult and at the same time the most important part in the process of creating a demotivator.

The technical side of creating a demotivator

When the picture is created or found, and a signature suitable for it has been invented, it remains to proceed to the technical side of the task. Online resources, special programs for creating demotivators, or a graphic editor will help you create a demotivator.

The online editor can be found using Internet search engines, just type in the search bar the phrase "create a demotivator online". You will be offered a number of such resources, they all operate on a similar principle. You need to use the "Browse" button to download from your computer a picture that you have previously created or selected, place it in the proposed frame (if desired, the frame color can be changed), and then make a signature in it. The demotivator is ready, now you can save it on your computer, print it, publish it on the Internet.

The disadvantage of online resources is that they do not allow you to edit the original image. The second simple way to create a demotivator is to use special programs. These free programs do not require installation on your computer and are easy to use. It is enough to download them, launch any of the applications and load the picture that you have chosen. The interface of such programs is Russian, understandable even for a novice user. With it, you can quickly create a demotivator, as well as reduce or enlarge it to the desired size using the mouse. Unfortunately, such programs also do not provide ample opportunities for editing the original image.

If you want to create a demotivator professionally, it is best to use the graphics editor Adobe Photoshop. This program is not free and is more suitable for advanced users, but it is it that opens up the widest possibilities for creating and editing a demotivator.

Whatever technical means you use to create a demotivator, remember that the main thing in a demotivator is the idea that you want to convey to the viewer!

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