How To Choose An Electric Saw

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How To Choose An Electric Saw
How To Choose An Electric Saw

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The electric saw has become an indispensable assistant not only during the construction period, but also in everyday life. It facilitates the work of pruning trees in the garden, helps to prepare firewood for the sauna and fireplace and is used for repair work. To choose the right saw, you need to know the capabilities of each type of tool.

How to choose an electric saw
How to choose an electric saw


Step 1

Choose the type of saw There are many electric saws, but depending on the type of cutting element, they can be divided into several types: circular, chain, jigsaw, saber. For repair and construction work, a circular or circular electric saw is often used. The cutting element is discs of different diameters and tooth shapes. Select the required tool model: portable or with a fixed attachment to the bed. If you need precision in your work, choose a stationary electric saw - it will allow you to cut the material of the desired depth at a given angle. To perform small work, it is advisable to purchase a portable model of a circular electric saw. It is equipped with a handle that allows you to turn the tool during operation.

Step 2

Choose your chain saw model For carpentry, firewood and gardening, a chain saw is indispensable. Its cutting element is a chain with teeth, the cutting speed depends on the step size. If accuracy is important to you, choose a model with a constant speed function. For construction work with cutting a large number of boards, pick up an electric band saw - instead of a chain, a steel band is installed in it. It has a high power (750 - 1500 W), high performance and a small amount of waste in the form of sawdust.

Step 3

To make precise curved cuts in any material, purchase a jigsaw. The cutting element here is a nail file, the size, shape and sharpening of the tooth of which is selected for working with various materials: wood, chipboard, plastic and metal. The jigsaw is equipped with a cutting mode regulator and a special ruler that allows you to cut precise holes of various shapes.

Step 4

Select a model of a reciprocating saw For roofing, plumbing and installation work, a reciprocating power saw is indispensable. If you need to work in hard-to-reach places, purchase such a tool. Its cutting element is a short file (10-35 cm), which allows you to make all the necessary cuts. By replacing it, you can work with wood, plastic, metal and other materials. The reciprocating saw is equipped with a speed regulator and a counterweight mechanism to reduce strong vibration.

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