How To Refill A Pen With Ink

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How To Refill A Pen With Ink
How To Refill A Pen With Ink

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Despite the fact that today the most popular among consumers are ballpoint pens, as well as refill pens with oil or gel-based ink, fountain pens do not give up their positions. One of the most famous stationery manufacturers - "Parker" is engaged in their release. And not only this company. The main challenge when using these pens is replacing the ink in them.

How to refill a pen with ink
How to refill a pen with ink


Pen, ink bottle, blotter or cloth


Step 1

In order to fill a pen with ink, you need to know which refueling mechanism is in it: piston, converter or with a replaceable cartridge. The whole algorithm of actions will depend on this.

Step 2

If you have a standard piston-filled handle, the first step is to unscrew the handle body. Remove the ink reservoir from it along with the pen. Pour the remains from the reservoir into the ink jar by turning the clip at its end counterclockwise until it stops. Then dip the nib completely into the ink jar. Turn the clamp clockwise until the reservoir is full. Remove the nib from the inkwell and drain the drop of ink from it by turning the clip in the opposite direction half a turn. Return the piston to its original position. This will remove air bubbles from the ink reservoir. After that, the pen should be wiped off the remaining dye with a blotter or a lint-free cloth. Place the ink reservoir in the pen body and screw it tight.

Step 3

A fountain pen with a replaceable cartridge is refilled as follows: unscrew the upper part of the housing counterclockwise. Remove the empty cartridge and insert a new one. Open the safety valve to allow ink to flow to the nib. After that, it is necessary to remove any air that could accidentally be in the cartridge, to do this, apply a little pressure on it so that a drop of ink appears on the tip of the pen. Wipe it off with blotting paper and place back the top of the pen.

Step 4

Refilling a pen with a converter mechanism should be done in a similar way as refilling a pen with a piston mechanism. That is, to do this, you need to unscrew the pen body, immerse the pen completely in a container with ink. Turn the converter knob clockwise to fill the reservoir with ink. Turn the head half a turn in the opposite direction and squeeze the ink drop back into the ink tank. Wipe the nib with a cloth or blotting paper and again, having assembled the pen, screw the case.

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