How To Get Rid Of The Evil Eye

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How To Get Rid Of The Evil Eye
How To Get Rid Of The Evil Eye

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It is possible to get rid of the evil eye on your own, but it is better to consult with the master before that. In the event that there is no evil eye on a person, but something more, inappropriate methods will not give a result.

Amulets from the evil eye
Amulets from the evil eye


Step 1

It is possible to independently determine the presence of the evil eye, although the result may be somewhat distorted. To do this, take a glass or a cup of clean water and matches, 9 pieces. Each match must be burned completely, setting fire to the previous one, and then thrown into the water, saying each time "not the ninth, not the eighth … not the fifth", etc. in order. After all the matches have been burned and are in the water, you should wait a minute or two. If all the matches remain floating on the surface, there is most likely no evil eye. And if one or more stood upright in the water, sank to the bottom - the negative influence is clearly present, and the worse, the more matches went under the water.

Step 2

From the point of view of psychics, the evil eye is the most common type of bad influence of one person on another. Envious words and glances are very dangerous, but even affectionate words can be harmful. You cannot show unfinished work, as anyone can jinx, often without even knowing it. In order to protect oneself from the evil eye, wearing on the wrist of a red thread or jewelry with red stones, a red ribbon, a red pattern that distracts attention has long been used. In order to remove the existing evil eye, they put a glass of water at the head of the bed at night and break an egg there with the words "take all the bad things from me." In the morning in the glass you can see the "threads" - this is the evil eye. You do not need to consider them for a long time, it is better to pour them out immediately.

Step 3

The precautions against the evil eye are the simplest: as soon as someone begins to crumble in praise, you need to bite the tip of your tongue and mentally wish the person praising “the same thing you want me”. Damage has the strongest effect on people in a state of neuroses, therefore, in an unstable state, it is better not to go anywhere and not to communicate with anyone. A good tool for this period is to imagine yourself in an impenetrable transparent spacesuit, the better the visualization, the better it will work. The main thing is to convince yourself that neither words nor gestures can penetrate through this spacesuit, everything bounces off of it.

Step 4

Almost all evil spells are washed away either by water or by fire. For a long time, a method of getting rid of the evil eye has been known, when a person is bypassed three times with a lit candle. Or, at dawn, go to the source, scoop up some water from there and put in it a few still hot coals, a piece of clay from the stove, a pinch of salt and spray a smoothed person, saying “water off a duck's back, you're thin.” The same tips can be used when removing the evil eye on your own.

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