What To Tell Mom Not To Go To School

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What To Tell Mom Not To Go To School
What To Tell Mom Not To Go To School

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There are days when you don't want to go to school at all. Making yourself an unauthorized day off takes a little imagination and acting. It is best to hold this action in front of mom. An experienced teacher will be able to solve the trick, and a mother, blinded by love for her child, may not even notice that she is being manipulated.

A truant must be able to be inconspicuous
A truant must be able to be inconspicuous

Comparatively honest ways

The most honest way is to simply tell my mother: “I don't want to go to school so much, can I not go?”. Surprisingly, this method sometimes works. Mom loves her child and does not want him to suffer. As an adult, she understands that sometimes a person needs to be given a “bonus”, so it is possible that she will meet you halfway. Let's make a reservation: this method works extremely rarely, so you need to test it no more than once a month.

A good interpretation of the previous option: agree in advance with mom about a "bonus" day off. Ask yourself one extra day off a month, it is unlikely that a mother will deny her child such a trifle. The disadvantage of this method: your parents are well aware that they can further blackmail you this weekend, demanding obedience. Plus: you will know in advance that on such and such a day you can not go to school without excuses.

Not entirely honest ways

A good, efficient way without compromising your health: a room with keys. Take your keys and put them in your mom's bag. In the morning mom leaves for work, and after 10 minutes you call her on the phone and start shouting: “Where are my keys? Why did you take my keys? " Mom rummages in her purse and finds the keys, then calls you.

Further events can develop in two ways. If Mom is a busy person, she will tell you to find spare keys. You, of course, will not find them and will calmly go to bed. In the event that mom's work schedule allows her to return, she will return and bring you the keys. This way you can skip one or two lessons, which is also good.

Completely dishonest ways

A completely dishonest way is the classic disease simulation. All methods are good here: from the banal "headache" to full-scale simulation of pneumonia with fever and redness. It is better to limit yourself to "small simulation", since more complex methods involve the use of various substances and drugs inside. Of course, if you want to go to the hospital instead of school and experience unforgettable moments during gastric lavage (from all sides), then you can swallow all sorts of nasty things. And we do not recommend doing this.

The temperature can be raised by completely harmless methods. For example, roll a thermometer into the corner of a duvet cover or sheet and start blowing intensively there. The temperature inside the fabric will rise and the thermometer will show the desired mark. After that, you can languidly lie back on the bed, tuck the thermometer under your arm and call your mother. One caveat: if mom guesses that she is being deceived, trust will disappear forever, and it will be very difficult to establish contact with her in the future.

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