How To Determine The Name Of A Color

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How To Determine The Name Of A Color
How To Determine The Name Of A Color

Sometimes, to write a feature article or just out of curiosity, you need to accurately determine the name of the color. You can consult with a designer friend or visit the nearest printing house. But there are simpler ways - for example, color identification in Yandex.

How to determine the name of a color
How to determine the name of a color


A computer connected to the internet


Step 1

Type in the search box “Yandex. Colors”, if you want to know the name of the shade you are interested in. You will receive two images on the SERP: a color drum and a spectrum. The spectrum is shown as a square enclosed in a ring. Both the square and the ring are clickable. To the right of the images are the digital values ​​of the selected shade - its number in a special system. The number is needed to work in graphic editors - to search for it in the palette.

Step 2

Select an approximate area of ​​colors in the spectrum (image on the right). Several shades will appear on the drum, close to each other, but gradually turning into different tones. For example, you are looking for a color in the red area. You can get the following result: chestnut - dark coral - carrot - burnt sienna - coral. If you did not immediately hit the desired color, do not be discouraged, this is almost impossible.

Step 3

Use the mouse to spin the drum; for this, there are special up and down arrows next to it. You can press the arrows, or you can click on the drum itself. By clicking on the colors above the middle, you will direct it towards yourself, by clicking on the lower colors, you will run it in the opposite direction.

Step 4

Type the desired shade in the Yandex search bar and be sure to add the word "color" if you need the reverse operation. Namely - if you are intrigued by the name, for example "heliotrope", and you want to see what this shade looks like. Having correctly set the task to the search engine, you will instantly get the result. The color you specified will appear on the drum. However, remember that Yandex is limited by the number of colors and may not always satisfy the request. In this case, you can get a close shade.

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