All About Maple As A Tree

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All About Maple As A Tree
All About Maple As A Tree

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Due to the decorative features of foliage and bark, maples are often chosen for landscaping cities. Some species of these trees are the fastest growing, which allows the use of maples in hedges.

Maple leaves are especially beautiful in the fall
Maple leaves are especially beautiful in the fall


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Maple is a tall, deciduous tree that is found primarily in the temperate climates of the northern and southern hemispheres. There are about 150 species of this plant. Some of them are found in Central Asia and the Mediterranean. Many types of maple are classified as fast-growing ornamental plants that are used for landscaping cities and other settlements.

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Features of maples. Most species of this plant prefer moist soils and are demanding on the presence of moisture in the air. All maples are shade-tolerant, have a wide crown, and are wind-resistant. They are excellent honey plants, which have long attracted human attention. These plants propagate by cuttings and seeds. When sowing in spring, most species require long-term stratification.

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The leaves of this tree are unusually beautiful in the autumn. Their bright varied colors and unusual carvings are a real decoration of cultural settlements. The vast majority of maples have original greenish-yellow inflorescences and two-winged fruits, each of which has a small seed attached. These trees have an interesting bark pattern and color of the shoots. In just a year, young growth reaches a height of 1 m. The wood of the plant is strong, beautiful texture. Therefore, furniture, boxes, wind musical instruments are made from it.

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The most common types of maple. In Primorye, northeastern China, in North Korea, the bearded maple is ubiquitous. It is a tall tree 4-5 meters high with a spreading crown. In the most favorable conditions, its height can reach 10 m. The leaves of the bearded maple have 3-5 lobes, connected by strong membranes, the edge of the plate is coarsely cut. Small yellowish flowers are collected in clusters of 4-6 stems. The fruits are light yellow lionfish with ribs inherent only in this species.

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In the same regions, another type of maple is widespread: green-bark. This tree is much larger and reaches a height of 15 m. It is distinguished by a decorative trunk with a smooth green bark and a spherical crown. The branches of this maple are dark cherry in color, the flowers are pinkish, with a large number of fine fluffy hairs. The pinkish-brown fruits in autumn give this tree a special charm.

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Tatar maple is widespread throughout Russia. It grows in the steppe and forest-steppe zones, in the Caucasus, in the south-east of Western Europe. This tree is relatively small in height: about 9 m. Its bark is dark gray or black. The shape of the leaves is oval, often oblong-ovate, toothed-lobed. The Tatar maple blooms for a longer time than other species of this plant: 20-25 days. The shoots of the tree are red or brown. The fruits are lionfish. Like the previous types, it is frost-resistant, tolerates haircut and smoke well. Therefore, the Tatar maple is a decoration of the streets of many Russian cities.

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