Where To Call During Evacuation

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Where To Call During Evacuation
Where To Call During Evacuation

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You parked your car, left for literally half an hour, and when you returned, your transport was not there. Perhaps he was hijacked, or evacuated for a parking violation.

Where to call during evacuation
Where to call during evacuation


  • - civil passport of the car owner;
  • - driver's license;
  • - STS (plastic card);
  • - power of attorney.


Step 1

First, look around for a sign that prohibits parking / parking. If you did not find such a sign, most likely, your transport interfered with the holding of any event, and it was simply moved. And a car that is parked without any violations can be moved to a strictly limited space, namely, no more than 400 meters forward or backward.

Step 2

Didn't you find the car? Then you should call the GSPTS hotline, or the city vehicle movement service (works around the clock). Give your full name, car number, and also the address where you left it before it disappeared. If he was evacuated, you will be given the exact address. In the event that the car is simply rearranged, you will also be told where.

Step 3

If your car has been moved due to snow removal or any other event, you will not be charged for this. If they demand money, or if you find damages on your vehicle caused by its movement, call the hotline. The culprits are likely to lose their licenses and also recover damages.

Step 4

At the State Police Service Directorate, you can also find out which traffic police department you need to go to for a permit if you left your car in a place where parking / parking is prohibited, and later did not find it where it was parked. In case of evacuation of the car to the traffic police, it will be necessary to present the required package of documents (from the item "What is needed").

Step 5

You will be given a protocol on the arrest of the vehicle, a permit to return the car and a receipt for payment of a fine in the amount of 300 rubles. The obtained permit must be presented at the car park.

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