Why Is Champagne Dreaming

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Why Is Champagne Dreaming
Why Is Champagne Dreaming

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Some interpreters of dreams consider the dreamed champagne as a symbol of monetary profit in reality. Basically, this drink promises favorable changes in the dreamer's life. But not without a "fly in the ointment".

Champagne in a dream promises monetary profit
Champagne in a dream promises monetary profit

Champagne according to Vanga's dream book

According to Vanga's dream book, opening a bottle of champagne in a dream means the approach of a major quarrel, as a result of which the dreamer will lose the support and assistance of a very influential person. Drinking champagne in a dream predicts a loss of confidence on the part of the people around you. The dreamer should not be so demanding of them, but should be treated with kindness and patience. Being doused with champagne in a dream is a warning. The fact is that the dreamer's condemnation of the actions of other people and dissatisfaction with their way of life will not lead him to the desired result in reality.

Why is champagne dreaming? Freud's dream book

Sigmund Freud interprets such dreams in his own way. According to him, opening a bottle of champagne in a dream is a symbol of sexual intercourse. If, for some reason, it is impossible to open the bottle in a dream, then in reality this promises problems in achieving the desired and full-fledged sex. A dream in which a person pours champagne into glasses foreshadows the dreamer's imminent sexual intercourse in reality.

For a woman to drink champagne in a dream - to the appearance of sexual attraction to other women. For a man, such a dream promises sexual pleasure from contacts with his constant partner. At the same time, Freud is sure that in reality a man seeks to maintain his current "sexual" position. Taking a bath of champagne is interpreted by Freud as tiredness from the constant routine of life and as a desire to change the current situation.

Modern dream book: champagne

The interpreters of this dream book say that opening champagne in a dream promises upcoming fun and a holiday with friends. If at the same time the champagne opens with a loud bang, the holiday will be stormy and long. To dream of a bottle of champagne standing on the table - to a carefree and wealthy life. Buying champagne in a dream promises the loss of hopes for a luxurious life and the constant saving of money on trifles. Drinking champagne in a dream will lead to quick financial losses due to the fault of close relatives.

Dream interpretation of Yuri Longo: champagne in a dream

According to this dream book, breaking a bottle of champagne in a dream means receiving unexpected news soon. Drinking champagne in a dream means that in life the dreamer practically does not experience positive emotions and tries to forget himself with alcohol. To receive a bottle of champagne as a gift is a pleasant surprise in reality. Treating someone to champagne promises visiting a holiday and receiving a lot of positive emotions.

Culinary dream book. Dreamed of champagne

The interpreters of the culinary dream book say that hearing the cotton of the cork, drinking champagne and experiencing pleasant feelings from the sight and taste of this foamy drink - to the emergence of a new company, into which the dreamer will easily join and become his own. In addition, some of his friends will become true faithful friends, able to provide care and support in any situation.

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